Friday, July 22, 2011 | By: Angela Brown

My Salute to You

Fridays make for great Rant Days.  Instead of the normal rant about what has me upset, perturbed, confused, shocked or put me in a willy-woowoo mood, I want to say...

Thank you.

If you have stopped by, commented, decided to follow by e-mail and/or joined the site to follow my blog, I truly thank you.

Blogging for the sake of blogging could be interesting to some, but I'm honored that you've chosen to pull up a chair and share a moment of your time with me, here.  As I continue along in this blogging life, it's nice to have good company...each and every one of you.

So, thank you

As a side note, for any of you at Comic Con in San Diego, CA, have a good time for me as well :-)


John said...

Hey Angela,

The Greenways are at Comic Con. Me, I'm working. (oh an strugling with chapter 5) Hope all is with you and glad you are haveing a rant free Friday.


Angela Brown said...

John! So good to hear from you. Hope you're not struggling too hard with that chapter. Glad you were able to visit my blog :-)

Things are moving along well here. One chapter at a time, even though 4 or 5 stories are fighting for their say lol!

Katharine Wolford said...

Angela, you have won the first prize at Enchanted Conversation -- the glass wand! You have 72 hours to contact us at
Congrats! Please contact us1

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