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Well written blurbs on a dust cover or the back of a book can intrigue a reader.  When the author follows this up with a captivating opening line, well, speaking as a reader myself, I've just GOT to have that book.

Case in point:
"The Reverend Mother used to tell acolytes that if men were going to brawl, they should at least be naked and glistening with oil."


Naked?  Glistening?  Brawling or not, someone get me a fan!  This first line hooked me and the rest of Touch of Fire, by paranormal romance sensation Maria Zannini, never let me go.

Here's another example:
"Dangling by her fingertips from a parapet battlement, fourteen summer old Vhina Drielle T'Evagduran glanced to the terrace fifty paces below."

The word choice paints a powerful picture with one line.  You know this character is in danger and feel an immediate investment in her well being, also drives you to NEED to know what happens next.  Brilliant sci-fi/fantasy author Will Greenway continues painting a stunning page-turning tale of Vhina's adventure in Child of Ascendants

Let's not forget cinema.  One of my favorite openings EVER is the scene of Trinity escaping the agents in the first installment of the epic Matrix series.  When she leaps into the air, time pauses.  She's crane style in panorama.  All I can say is "Wow!!".  For the guys, the painted on - or at least it looks painted on - latex outfit certainly works 'eye candy mojo'.  I just think it's awesome she kicks all kinds of tail.

What about you?  Is there an opening line of a book or opening scene of a movie that really yanked you in by your shirt collar?  Please feel free to share.  For books, please share the title and author's name (or at least what you can remember.)  This way, others can have a chance to check those out as well.

The books mentioned in this blog are courtesy of some smart editors acquiring excellent work at Samhain Publishing and Writers Exchange E-Publishing.


Maria Zannini said...

I always liked that first line from Touch Of Fire. lol.

Raelyn Barclay said...

Oh yeah, that was an amazing first line in Touch of Fire!

Hopped on over from Maria's blog (added you to Google Reader) and am looking forward to reading more.

Angela Brown said...

@ Maria - one word for that first line: Smokin'

@ Raelyn - Thank you so much for coming by and adding me to your Google Reader. Maria's the best, but...SHHHH...don't tell her I said anything. It'll be our little secret *wink*

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