Wednesday, July 27, 2011 | By: Angela Brown

Perseverance. Is it in you?

On the road to getting published, there are plenty of bumps, potholes and downright obstacle courses.  Some of these come in the form of self-doubt, writer's block, or shyness in regards to self-promotion.  There's one I like to refer to as the time bandit.  He shows up in a suit of procrastination and is armed with a gun.
His bullets: excuses, often bad ones.

Well, I found an interesting blog post from Joe Konrath.  His blog, A Newbie's Guide to Publishing, seems pretty informative.  He recently posted something that would be a stab in the heart to my fledgeling blog, but was a straight-to-the-point reminder of the importance of writing and gave the bird to the time bandit.  Are You Writing goes for the punch from the first line and leaves the reader either offended, upset or inspired.  I read it and left energized.  Of course, it helped that my recent writing bug has me in a frenzy working on a YA paranormal romance.  For those of you who have read my other work, this isn't a far stretch for me but it's a little different from the adventure theme I tend to favor.

When it comes to accomplishing a goal you have in mind, what are some of the things that can sidetrack you?  Please feel free to share this goal as well.


Phil said...

My job definitely sidetracks me. Not because it takes up 40-50 hours of prime writing time per week. But when I get home, I am exhausted. It's all about finding balance and no matter what squeezing time in for writing. I am still trying to master that.

Angela Brown said...

@ Phil - I can totally understand where you're coming from. Between work, making sure my daughter knows I'm alive and that I love her and making sure to keep house, writing can tend to get pushed down the priority list. But I, too, am working on finding that balance. I really love writing, so it's worth the lesson learned.

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