Monday, July 25, 2011 | By: Angela Brown

A Pinch of Patience

When I tell people I like to write stories, and that I have, in fact, written more than one manuscript, I get the round eyed "Oh really" look.  When it first started happening, I thought the reaction was a little off.  In my mind, anybody could sit down and write a novel length story.  Get a good story idea and there you go.  One day, after saying these words to a coworker, she promptly said, "Anybody can write a book but not everybody does it."  After asking her to clarify, she went on to say, "Not every person has the patience, the imagination, the patience, the time, the patience...did I say patience?"

Okay, so I got the point she was getting at.

Knowing the importance patience plays in the writing process is one thing, but last night I got to see it in action in my small little world.  I had my daughter fed - sort of, she was taking forever to eat her dinner, Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief on television, a hankering to continue the rewrite of my current project and another story bursting at the seams in my mind.  Instead of handling things patiently, I tried to do all things at once...not a good idea.  So I erased the nonsensical stuff I added to my current project and allowed myself to understand that the time to work on it would come soon.  I then helped my finally-finished-eating daughter to get settled and we had some quality time watching Percy Jackson together.  Then I was able to sit back down at the computer and type out some of my thoughts for my new story.  It all made sense given I took my time...for once.

Score 1 for patience.

What are your thoughts on the part patience plays in the writing process?


Raelyn Barclay said...

I'm not sure that I've thought about it in terms of "patience" but more "balance." Balancing my writing time with my family time (and duties, LOL).

Sure there are times when something hits and I have to write it down. If that happens during family time and/or duties I just take 5 minutes to make notes...I'll even set a timer if I think I'm going to push that limit.

I'm just waiting for school to start back up, LOL, then I'll have my dedicated writing time back.

Angela Brown said...

@ Raelyn - That is a very good point. Sometimes I wonder if I've gotten so carried away with multi-tasking that I'm not giving sufficient attention to any one thing in particular.

Maria Zannini said...

For me, the only thing I have to be patient about is growing an audience. It'll come--in time.

The one thing I try to remember is not to worry about the stuff I can't change, so instead I concentrate on the stuff I can.

Angela Brown said...

@ Maria - I think building a presence is something I'm learning about...and realizing that patience will be a HUGE factor.

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