Saturday, July 16, 2011 | By: Angela Brown

Plot Device - a good view

Along with reading and writing, watching good shows or good movies make for great past times as well.  One show I resisted for a long time was True Blood.  Now these are vampires to watch.  Nothing against the Twilight series because that was and is a hit-maker, but I just don't like my vampires sparkling like they've been rolling in glitter.  So I have to give myself a tap on the hand for putting off watching True Blood this long.  I just hope they are NOT going the Heros route and take the plot into an unsustainable direction .**shaking two fists angrily at the crazy plot they tried with my used-be-favorite-show**
So now my plan is to Netflix the first two/three seasons so I can be fully caught up (Yes, I know, I used Netflix as a verb like we've grown accustommed to using friend as a verb for Facebook lol!!!)
Now...on to somethig that has nothing to do with vampires.  I visited Pub Rants, a very helpful blog by literary agent Kristin Nelson.  She posted something that turned out to be a great way to while a few minutes away.
Here's the video.  Hope you enjoy :-)


Maria Zannini said...

I wasn't sure I'd stick around for the whole video but it was actually kind of fun. I need one of those 'plot devices'.

Angela Brown said...

@Maria - When I watched it, I couldn't help laughing hard. I could just imagine what craziness would pop up if I got my hands on the 'plot device'.

WillG said...

It slices, it dices, it does julienne fries, it's the plot device. *duh da da dah!* You too can be the proud owner of this handy dandy all-purpose story leveraging wonder. Deus ex machina begone! Plated with solid logic around a core of flexible reality, this literary implement is sure to last a lifetime. Buy now and we'll throw in this set of classic cliches! Just $39.95.

Angela Brown said...

@ WillG - LOL!!! You are a riot! I think I could do without the classic set of cliches...or perhaps I should have it so I came make sure to avoid them like the plague.

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