Tuesday, July 26, 2011 | By: Angela Brown

To E or not to E...publish, that is

Comic Con had a pretty good turn out.  Okay...they had a fantastic turn out!

Yes, if you're looking, you'll notice the slightest hint of green in my aura.

Now that the moment has passed, I'd like to briefly mention something that I admire and I find inspiring.  There was an author at Comic Con who was a part of a panel hosted by literary-agent-turned-author, Nathan Bransford.  The name of this panel member:  Amanda Hocking.  She's being touted as a literary phenom for her huge ebook success and recent contract of $2 million dollars with St. Martins Press in a 4 book deal.  For those of you who get Publishers Lunch or Publishers Weekly, that is "a hubba hubba deal".
Maybe they don't have a deal description like that...but it's certainly fitting.  This isn't the normal tale of write>query>land agent>get acquired by editor>book success.  She went directly to the internet with My Blood Approves and over time, grew a loyal fan base.  As many other self-publishers have proven, epublishing can be a successful avenue.

What are your thoughts?  Is it possible that you can only get the best books by having literary agents 'trim the fat', so to speak, or can others find a similar level of success as Amanda Hocking with epublishing?  Do you have any epub authors that are your favorites?  Please feel free to share.


Anonymous said...

Hey I finally got a chance and check u out. I will taking some to read and leave my comments.

Just wonderful Keep it up!


Angela Brown said...

@ Roxie - So glad to have you stop by. Thank you so very much. I want to keep this up for a long while. As my followers grow, I hope to grow in my craft and have loads of fun with the commentors here.

Maria Zannini said...

I don't mean to speak for people I don't know, but from where I sit, the agent and the publishing house snapped up Amanda Hocking because she already did all the hard work. She had a ready-made fan base. They're just milking it.

Good for Amanda because maybe she won't have to work so hard. Good for the agent and publisher because they nabbed an author with a platform.

But will her fan base transition to the Big 6 at the higher prices? Only time will tell.

Angela Brown said...

@ Maria - I couldn't agree with you more. I mean, if I understand correctly, she'd already achieved one to 2 million in sales prior to the book deal. That's from ten or eleven ebooks. So...if I were an agent, you'd better believe I would be on her tail like a ninja on a mission. And I visted her blog and from the comments I saw, her fan base will be pretty loyal.

chandra said...

Very much interesting! was so exited and shared with facebook!!
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Shelley Munro said...

Good on her. From what I hear Ms. Hocking worked really hard to get where she is now. It will be interesting to see how she goes in the traditional publishing arena.
I have lots of favorite e-authors. The instant fix of e-books works for me and tend to buy more of them than print books these days.

Angela Brown said...

@ Chandra - It was very exciting indeed.

@ Shelley - You know, from the things I've read or seen, she's also been pretty humble about it. I haven't heard any chatter about some expanding ego and that says a lot as well. I have a lot to learn about publishing via e-books. But it sounds like a great choice.

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