Tuesday, August 23, 2011 | By: Angela Brown

Book it to Hollywood - Pretty Little Liars

Today's tidbit comes from Sara Shepard, author of the Pretty Little Liars series.  Unlike the characters of Bon Temps, the life-sucking sound you hear is courtesy of an angry teen.  Apparently, the queen bee of a teenage girl clique disappears, leaving the remaining friends to dismantle and part ways.  However, a mystery comes a knocking in the form of anonymous messages three years later.  It's 'A' - and 'A' knows everything, especially the dirty little things none of the girls want anyone to find out about.  Whatever are these pretty girls to do?  I suggest checking out the novels to see what happens.  But of course, you can check things out on the small screen at ABC Family.

This is an old trailer from last year but gives a great intro to the TV version of the girls.


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