Friday, August 12, 2011 | By: Angela Brown

Calling all Cars!

It's Friday and I'm putting out an all points bulletin on an industrious suspect.  The perp's name is 'Hater'.

'Envy' has been mistaken for 'Hater' on occassion.  It's understandable.  It can be hard seeing someone else have something you're still working hard to achieve.  But with proper direction, 'Envy' is an instrument of production.

This is where 'Hater' comes in.

'Hater' has one purpose: YOUR destruction  This suspect has no desire to see you excel.  They live by the quote "Misery loves company" or "Only one can be at the top".  Like crabs in a barrel, 'Hater' reaches out a claw to pull you down when you're inching your way toward accomplishing your goal.

Please note:  Do not confuse 'Hater' with 'Concerned Friend or Loved One'.  Those who care for you may well tell you to stop trying something after multiple attempts and an equal number of failures.  They do it as an act of protection.  They see you trying and hurting and your pain hurts them.  So in their good intentions, they want to steer you from the thing that's causing you pain.  But 'Hater'?  Their only intention is to keep you from accomplishing your goal because, well, they didn't either.  Or 'Hater' may have reached their goal but in their self-centeredness and greed, they steer you from repeat attempts because they want it all for themselves.

'Hater' is a chameleon so we have no one description that's the same from all the victims who've stepped forward.  So be on the lookout for this suspect.  Jill Scott will tell you a bit more about it.


Maria Zannini said...

Fortunately, haters move on to other prey when they find their mark is surrounded by good friends and support.

Angela Brown said...

That's a good point, Maria. Hopefully, more people realize the importance of keeping the good vibes around them. Unfortunately, every now and then, that Hater poses as someone who cares and creeps in. But that's okay, proper house cleaning sweeps that 'Hate' right away.

Cate Masters said...

Negativity requires energy to battle it, so I've learned to let happiness be the best revenge. Love what you do, and that's all that matters. Haters can go simmer in their stew of misery. I also believe that what you send out comes back to you, so they'll get their just reward. :)

Angela Brown said...

Very true Cate. What you give to the universe is what you receive in return. Just for that reason alone I try to put a little something positive out regularly.

Besides, I really don't have the energy to spare lol!!!

Shelley Munro said...

I always think a positive attitude does wonders and surrounding yourself with a network of like-minded people makes all the difference. None of us need a Hater in our lives.

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