Monday, August 22, 2011 | By: Angela Brown

Can Mr. Clean's Magic Eraser Wipe Away Those Nasty Doubts?

In a world far, far, far away...well actually, quite close my imgination, it can :-)

However, an easy, peasy quick-fix-it like a Magic Eraser isn't always handy.  So like untended dirt and grime, doubt can build up.  Over time, this doubt can fester and I think it's fair to say that festering's not a good thing.  If you have a dream, this doubt can make it an impossibility through your own self-prophesy.

For instance, if I walk around saying, "I'll never be a professional writer," then how can I expect otherwise when I give doubt so much power over what I say, I do, I dream or desire to accomplish?  I become my own worst enemy.

So what's a gal to do?  What is anybody to do?  First and foremost, take a moment and be honest with yourself.  Are you a pessimist with no hope of thinking anything good can come of your life?  Are you a realist - like me - occassionally stuck on the realities of this not-so-perfect world?  Perhaps you're an optimist too caught up on how green the grass is that you don't see the ground coming at you as break-neck speeds because you refuse to acknowledge that you slipped from your perch high up in the clouds?  Whatever method gets you to a point that doubt finds an entry into your mind, face it.  This will make it easier to deal with doubt the best way for you.

After doing the hardest part of all, being honest with yourself, the work can begin to overcome those doubts.  If we were light bulbs instead of humans, this could be done with the flick of a switch.  Doubt.  No doubt.  Doubt.  No doubt.  However...that isn't the case.  Our minds waunder, linger, hold on to memories and emotions with a vise grip.  When doubt festers, it becomes more a part of you than you know.  You can speak it without realizing it.  One way I am working on overcoming my own doubts is working on my words.  I am a writer and with work, I can make writing my profession and not just a passion I see to on occassion.

I.  Am.  A.  Writer.  And I am an overcomer of doubts.


Maria Zannini said...

Ref: Can Mr. Clean's Magic Eraser Wipe Away Those Nasty Doubts?

If only!

But I can vouch for that Magic Eraser on regular stains. I didn't believe it, but it actually works.

Angela Brown said...

LOL! Yeah, that eraser is a tough little cookie.

E.R. King said...

Magic erasers may not erase doubt, but a eating huge chocolate cake puts me in a coma long enough to overcome the pain. LOL! Great post! I'm following you through Google Reader.

Angela Brown said...

Thanks for stopping by E.R. Glad to have you here.

Love the chocolate cake idea.

Chocolate is a splendid thing. And you can use the Magic Eraser to clean up the mess after waking up from that cocoa-duced coma.

Anonymous said...

Chocolate fixes everything...except maybe fitting your clothes, LOL

First Jenny Hansen gets me wishing for a bag of those bite-sized Dove things and now chocolate cake here. Crap, I need chocolate!

Seriously though, great post. The power of positive thinking is amazing.

Sherry Parker said...

Well said, Angela!

Those doubts do have a tendency of rearing their ugly heads every once in a while...ok, at least two or three times a week. All right! Honestly, it's everyday, several times throughout the day...but I valiantly drive them back! Doubt really is a nasty booger!

But you have to fight for what you believe in - and if you believe in yourself, giving up is NOT an option!

"To Thine Ownself Be True!" Yes. You. Are. A. Writer! So glad you're in my life because you're such an encouragement to me!

Angela Brown said...

Back atcha Sherry. If we don't encourage ourselves and each other, who will? And by golly, why wait for someone else to do for you what you can do for yourself. Encouragement to all!

Cate Masters said...

I love this post! This writing stuff is so discouraging sometimes, and sometimes the daily drudgery makes it tough going. Just keep at it!

Angela Brown said...

@ Raelyn - I tell you what, it must be a chocolate fever going around. I stumbled on a Little Debbie Swiss Roll and couldn't devour it quick enough loL!!!

@ Cate - I have a lot of learning and persevering to do, but at least once a week, I want to remind myself and others of the importance of sticking to a positive and fulfilling ambition.

Shelley Munro said...

Great post, Angela. Even when you're published the doubt demons still make the odd appearance. Keeping "hope in the mail" always works for me. I try to have more than one manuscript in play, so that if I get a rejection or suffer some sort of disappointment, I can tell myself I still have "hope in the mail". I've found this method works well at fighting doubt demons. That, and chocolate!

Angela Brown said...

Thanks Shelley. That's pretty good advice. May not have the Magic Eraser to deal with those pesky doubts, but positive thoughts can go a long way to work as well.

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