Friday, August 19, 2011 | By: Angela Brown

Going on in My Shorts - Me Thinks Something a Bit Cute

This is a bonus blog:

For those of you that have read what I write, I tend toward the more serious.  I do, however, try to add a little humor every now and then.  I entered the following sample for a fun contest over at Nathan Bransford's blog but it didn't make the cut.  The winner, though, did have a hilarious entry so kudos to that writer :-)

So, I wanted to share a side that isn't normally seen of me.  Here we go:

MG (middle grade) story in concept mode – Mallory’s Teachable Moments

“I did it mama! Come look and see.” I was in my room, holding a perfect back bend. I hoped she’d hurry up from the kitchen. My arms were shaking.
“What is it now Mal – oh – well, look at you. Not giving up paid off.” She smiled down at me just as my arms gave out. It was okay. All my practicing made it a good idea to put pillows under me so falling wouldn’t hurt.
“Let me try it,” she said, dusting flour handprints all over her apron.
I didn’t think it was a good idea, but teachable moment #3 meant I had to stay quiet. It wasn’t a kid’s place to tell grown ups what to or not to do. A few bones cracked as she lay flat. She got her hands above her head, pressed her palms against the floor, and struggled up, moving as slow as the inch worm I found the other day.
“Any…second…now…” She grunted, trembling, but she was only half way up. When I had a hard time, she always encouraged me, so that gave me an idea.
“You can do it,” I said, giving her my best smile. “Besides, I heard daddy tell you that all your sweet meat was the softest in the world. At least it won’t hurt if you fall.
And fall she did. She flopped to the ground, arms and legs flying all around as she scrambled to her feet. She rubbed her hands down her apron over and over again and I swear her cheeks looked like Aunt Matilda got a hold of them.
“I don’t know how you heard that but –” She slapped her hand over her mouth, turned and shot out my room. Laughter and an “Oh my God” drifted down to me from the kitchen.
I quickly got my little book, flipping through the pages until I found it: Teachable moment #14: never, ever, no matter what, repeat what you overhear. Then I scribbled an extra note: Especially about dad and how he likes mama’s sweet meat.


Sherry Parker said...

That's cute~

Angela Brown said...

Thanks Sherry. It's a trip the things kids will say.

Shelley Munro said...

LOL - kids do keep one amused!

Angela Brown said...

Shelley, having a little rambunctious one of my own, it's a trip what they say and how I have to watch myself because goodness only knows when, where or how it will get repeated.

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