Thursday, August 18, 2011 | By: Angela Brown

Movie Mayhem Thursday

It's that time again.  What are you doing this weekend?  Maybe something family oriented.  Or perhaps something a bit on the scary side?  The movie pickin's are slim but there could be a choice prize for you.

For myself, I'm thinking of taking the little one to catch a kid-friendly flick.
Spy Kids 4: All the Time in the World
Mood: Giggles and kiddie butt-kickin'
Brief synopsis: A retired spy-turned-full-time homemaker attempts to stop a power-mad supervillain from taking over the planet, and gets some unexpected help from her disagreeable twin step-children in this fourth entry of writer/director Robert Rodriguez's family-friendly adventure series.

This is another franchise that takes a lickin' and keeps on tickin'.  But it's for the children and I will probably not hear the end of it if I don't make my way to this one.  Amazing the things kiddos love.  Also, this one takes things a step further, playing in 4D...uh...hmmm...okay.

Here's a Book it to Hollywood moment - One Day
Mood: Nostalgia and some romance
Brief synopsis: Adapted from author David Nicholls' critically acclaimed novel of the same name, director Lone Scherfig's One Day stars Anne Hathaway as a principled working-class girl who forges a unique bond with a wealthy jet-setter that spans two decades.

I think this is one of the few movies not advertising it's showing in the 3D mob.
Now, before I even go into the next item on the menu, lets take a step back to the original:
I won't tell my age but I was rather young when this one first came out.  When I was old enough to watch it, I had no appreciation for "the Arnold's" acting ability.  I can't claim it really ever improved.  But what I do remember thinking, in my innocent mind, is, "Holy crap!  Are muscles really supposed to look like that???"  With time, his grew less pronounced...and the time has come for someone riper, younger and much more sultry looking (or scary to some) to do a redo of...
Mood: Girls - swoon and adoration of the male form//Guys - Bloody violence and Conan!  Conan!  Conan!
Brief synopsis (not that you really need it): When a powerful force of supernatural evil threatens to destroy Hyboria, legendary Cimmerian warrior Conan (Jason Momoa) raises his sword against mythical monsters and treacherous enemies.

I can not tell a lie (well, sometimes... I am human) but serisously, if I get to catch this flick, it will NOT be for the acting.  Although, it certainly appeals to my fantasy adventure tendency.
Last on today's list is another remake.
Fright Night
Mood:  Laugh until you're...scared?  Hmmm...maybe it's be afraid until you...laugh?
Brief synopsis: A suburban teenager realizes that his new neighbor is a charismatic vampire in this remake of the 1985 horror comedy hit.

Check out this trailer...and yes, how this will really shine in 3D, I don't know...but it says it is a 3D movie.
There you have it, the weeked round up.  Have you seen either of the originals for our make-over movies?  If so, what are your thoughts?


Maria Zannini said...

I saw the original Conan when it came out. Sadly, I was not very young. LOL.

The thing I loved best about the movie was the musical score. It still gives me chills.

Anonymous said...

No desire to see Spy Kids, not even the wee beasties want to catch it.

One Day I want to see but doubt that'll happen this weekend :)

Conan, LOL, the original came out when I was in high school. I saw it with a group of teens in the back of a pickup at a drive-in. We spent the entire movie making fun of it. But I agree with Maria the music was amazing.

If I watch the remake, yeah it'll be about Jason Momoa ;)

The trailer for the new Fright Night looks better than the original but doubt I'll see it before it hits DVD.

Angela Brown said...

Maria, you are a hoot and half. The Star Trek scores have always been my favorites. I think I'll have to check out the musical score for Conan.

Another thing that made Conan memorable was James Earl Jones. Loved him.

Angela Brown said...

Whaaat? No Spy Kids for the wee beasties, Raelyn? Awww lol!!

That's two thumbs up for the musical score. I really need to check it out :-)

Misha said...

Ooh I'd love to watch One Day. It looks like a beautiful movie.


Angela Brown said...

One Day has that classic sort of feel to it. For some reason, it made me think of When Harry Met Sally. Not sure why...

Anonymous said...

LOL, they're more interested in the baseball game That Man has promised to take them to. But also the older ones were done with the series after the 3rd one and the younger ones would rather see Kung Fu Panda again :)

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