Monday, August 8, 2011 | By: Angela Brown

Never give up

I like to visit J A Konrath's blog.  His style is crass and he tells the truth as he sees it.  I can't say that I agree with every word he says, but he's pretty on point with a lot of things, most things actually.  Probably comes from being in the industry for some time now.

There's one thing I like to look at each time I visit there.  Right beneath the picture of his scruffy head and face, stunner shades on because he's got it like that, he has a brief description.  "I'm a thriller author. There's a word for a writer who never gives up... published."

That.  Is.  It.

We as writers, artists, dancers, actors, comedians...the list goes on and on...we can stay in our comfort zone.  We don't have to try something new.  We don't have to spead our wings.

But seriously...where is the fun in that?

If you love telling jokes and you are really good at it.  Then give it a try.  If you love to dance or paint and you feel like poetry in motion when you move in the act of performing a sequence or stroking your brush against a canvas...then give it a try.

Your success is determined by you and can only be accomplished by you, so don't give up.

I love writing.  There's something about it that's deep within me.  Like this weekend.  I spent some time with my little girl but afterwards, I had a few characters itching to tell their story.  So I made myself sit before my laptop and let them speak.  It was - and is - a wonderful feeling.  I self published my suspense romantica Secret Lilies.  If I just had to boast on it, I could say I've published.  But writing, for me, isn't just about getting published.  And unfortunately, my first book didn't get the true attention it needed from me during the publishing process or after.  Life had a few daggars and poison tipped arrows for me at that time...but that's neither here nor there.  To that story, I must apologize.  Since then, I've gained a better perspective, more focus and made a choice that I don't want to give up.  I don't have to be the next J K Rowling.  She's done an excellent job at being herself.  I have stories that want to be shared, that want to be told and I can't very well accomplish that if I give up, now can I?

Well, neither can you, or anyone else who chooses to give up.  Is there something you're interested in?  Are you a writer and wish to share your thoughts on this.  Please feel free to comment.  Readers, please share your thoughts as well.  None of us writers would be anything without great readers to devour our words.


Anonymous said...

Nice remember Angela:)

When you put out the next book you can re-promote the first one at the same time. (Speaking of which, do you have it up somewhere in epub format?)

Angela Brown said...

I don't think there is an e-format for Secret Lilies right now. Though I did get an e-mail a few days ago from AuthorHouse that they were converting this to an e-format.

I know I have to do better with the next book I publish. I've been learning a lot more this time around and am hoping to have more energy to focus on it as well.

Maria Zannini said...

How long do they keep the rights? Cuz when you get them back, I would definitely right any wrongs and just self-publish that puppy.

I've been unfortunate in that most of my publishers keep the rights 5-7 years, so I have a way to go before I can reissue them in my name.

Angela Brown said...

That's actually a good question. I will have to look into it. I hadn't really thought of putting it back out there but Raelyn's question got me to thinking about it too.

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