Monday, August 29, 2011

Up, Up and Away!

The fastest way to get from Texas to California is not by train nor is it by car.  Amtrak has to make stops and that can take a while.  When I drove from San Diego to Texas a couple of years ago, me and the kiddo took two days.  It could have been shortened but I wanted it to be more of an adventure and less of a chore to make it fun for my little chipmunk.  That kiddo was a rider, made it pleasant for me.  So that leaves a plane ride as the fastest way to get from Texas to California.

So why the silly travel question?

Well, consider why a plane is faster.  It doesn't have to ride on the roads, slowed by traffic and the need to avoid traffic violations.  Once a plane is in the air, the sky's the limit.  It flies up and over the obstacles that slow land travel down.  That is what we have to do with our writing, with our dreams, sometimes.  We have to consider that looking straight head isn't the best answer, especially if all that stands before you are people, life activities and things that are counter-productive to getting to where you want to go...where you want to be.

This isn't to say that you should ignore things in life.  Pish posh on you if you do.  But know that these things don't have to be the final word in defining you, don't have to bind you to the ground.  Spread those wings back there...those rarely used feathers you've kept folded out of fear.

Unfurl them and allow the wind to whistle through the tiny bends aching for use.  Hold your head upward and see the sky is filled with dreamers but the traffic is far from congested.  More people than not stay to the comfort of the ground.  Look up and know that you have the chance if you choose it.  Move up and fly along the path that takes you to where your dreams not only can, but DO come true.

What about there a particular dream you would like to see come true?


  1. Angela, this was so sweet! I love it! It is so true that there are few brave enough to get off the ground and soar. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I'm glad you were able to come on by and enjoy it. I love starting the week off with something positive and encouraging. Helps to get the mood going in the right direction...preferably, up, up and away (sorry...cheesy I know...but I couldn't help it lol!!)

  3. YAY! Howdy! That's my Texas greeting. Glad to have you by here fellow campaigner.

  4. Beautiful post Angela :) What a great idea to starting the week off with a positive post.

  5. You know Raelyn...I'm learning more and more that there is power in them thar words (hehe!)

    But seriously, it has actually been nice starting the week off with an encouraging word. The week doesn't go perfect and life certainly hasn't turned into a pretty rainbow, but I have a good foundation to find something positive to think about during those 'doubty' situations.

  6. Oh, I loved this. Thanks for stopping by my blog, look forward to campaigning with you.

  7. @ Catherine - It was my pleasure to take a moment and enjoy your blog. Look forward to campaigning with you as well.

    @ Christine - Thanks so much and I appreciate you stopping by. Go Campaign!!

  8. Love this post! I believe the same, that the only one standing in our way is ourselves. I've been ready to take off for awhile, but I think my wings need to fill out a bit yet, lol.
    Thanks for the lovely post!

  9. You know, Cate, the first step is recognizing, noticing what is needed. I'm glad to follow your blog and pleased about your visits. I'll love to see you explode, actually, you're doing a lot as it is :-)

  10. Let me tell you...
    Some of my friends were tired of waiting for the infamously late Success...
    so they went ahead without him.

    Me, well, I found that most of the obstacles we run across tend to have no attributes inherent within their frames... until the mind intervenes and forces you to come to a conclusion.
    Getting those dreams into gear, they can be a challenge indeed, but one may only need tell themselves the "struggle" is fun... or rather, the "fun" is fun to make it a breezy voyage unto the destination.

    My dream is to always find a way to circumvent obstacles. If I have not the creativity to freely traverse through the universe, then what am I but a fleshly dud?

  11. MyTricksterGod, I love the way you put that.


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