Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Today is usually Indie Wednesday, however, I'm taking a break to do a brief commentary regarding WriteOnCon.  So here we go...


There you have it.  That's really all there is to say.  Take a few moments to swing by and view or review one of the live chats, live forums, posts from published authors, literary agents and editors.  The WriteOnCon group did a fantastic job.  The infomation provided is helpful whether you're new at writing, currently in the middle of a WIP, looking to query or interested in self-pubbing/e-pubbing.  Even though the focus is more along the lines of MG/YA, the information shared can apply to genres and demographics across the board.  The AWESOMENESS is still happening today through tomorrow.

Is there a writer's conference or maybe a reader-centric conference you've attended and found very helpful?


  1. Sounds like a great conference. I love it when others share resources and tips, and online conferences are all that I can get to these days!

  2. Cate, it really is great. I hope you get a chance to squeeze in a hop over to WriteOnCon.

    Also, because it's online, most, if not all, of the items will be accessible after the conference is over as well. How sweet is that!

  3. I haven't been in a while but there used to be The Muse Online Writers Conference. I thought it was usually in October or November. This was also free.

  4. Thanks for the heads up, Maria. I'll have to do some checking on this one.

  5. I haven't been to a conference for a while, and I'm missing our NZ one because I'm off on holiday soon. The online conferences are excellent. Romance Divas always has an online con while the RWA conference is on. That's a good one.

  6. Thanks Shelley. I have to add the Romance Divas online conference to my list as well.


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