Wednesday, September 7, 2011 | By: Angela Brown

The Bestest Feeling EVER!!

Okay, so it may or may not be evident that it doesn't take a boatload of things to make me happy.  One of the things about being a writer is the need to build a thick skin because as cool as you, your mom, your best friend and that strange girl down the street may think your story is, there WILL be those who will love it loathe it and make it their sworn duty to tell the entire world how much your writing reeks of disaster.  But there will still be times where you just have to let yourself enjoy the nice moments.

I've enjoyed reading stories for this first writing challenge and have also enjoyed some of the comments received for mine.  My happy place just got a little sweeter with this award:

My blogging buddy with an anime-buffet for a background (by the way, I LOVE anime!!!!!!!!!!!) gave me this award.  And I'm grinning like a cheshire cat.  Thank you SOOOO much MyTricksterGod.  I am humbled and tickled.

The only rule is to pay it forward.  That, I most certainly can do.  Because of this campaign, I've had a chance to meet so many new writers.  The choices for this award are ridiculously hard.  All the blogs I follow matter to me in different and important ways.  *grrrr*

So, to make my choice say something, as MyTricksterGod did, I choose Maria Zannini.  Her blog is the first blog I followed.  She's been inspirational and her Indie Roadshow was beyond educational.  She gives her followers a chance to see a day in the life of a woman who is a homesteader, lover of dogs, writer extraordinaire and bears the heart of a lioness.  I suppose a Roaring Lion Blog award is appropriate for that last reason alone.


Kelley said...

Aw! Cute award and major congratulations!!

Angela Brown said...

Thanks Kelley. It's sunshine yellow so it's a bright spot to liven my day.

Maria Zannini said...

I love that graphic.

Congratulations and thank you. I don't know if I have the heart of a lioness, but I know it's definitely been touched today.

Thank you, sweetie.

Angela Brown said...

You're more than welcome. Big hugs to Tank and Iko :-)

Susan Kaye Quinn said...

We have to enjoy the little pleasures that come our way! #whatmakeslifegood

Nadja Notariani said...

Angela ~

You are so right! (About some readers loving your book and some ...well, not so much)
When I was entering the edits phase of my first novel, I had a particularly scathing edit come back to me. I cannot smarted a bit. When we write, we fall in love with our characters, and want others to love them as much as we do. You offer good advice! Prepare yourself for those painful reviews. Then laugh it off ...and keep writing! :) ~ Nadja

Angela Brown said...

@ Susan - in our world where critics scream negativity by the dozens, we certainly have to have fun when we can.

@ Nadja - I remember my first heartbreaking critique of something I did. It was anonymous so it shouldn't have bothered me, but the person skipped over my writing, didn't care one wit about offering suggestions to improve but promptly went on some multi-paragraph rant of how I was not J K Rowling and I never would be. Mind you, my story was about a young girl transported to another world where she makes certain discoveries about her connection to a long lost dragon. Talk about lost, confused and hurt.

Since then, I've learned to tell the difference b/w critiques meant to help and those not worth my energy getting angry about.

Cate Masters said...

Love the "humbled and tickled" - congrats!

Angela Brown said...

Thanks Cate. Still grinning :-)

Angelina Rain said...

Congrats on the award. The graphic is so cute. Funny, Maria is one of the first blogs I followed as well. She's so entertaining and educational.

Angela Orlowski-Peart said...

Angela, congratulations on the blog award (awesome lion!).

A career of a writer is one of the toughest I know. And I've tried various in my life so I speak from experience. We have to believe in ourselves, have a very thick skin but also acknowledge a constructive and helpful criticism. And there is an issue of a book marketing too -- but that's the whole separate beast.

Alleged Author said...

My students are way into anime right now. Congrats on the award!

Angela Brown said...

@ Angelina - I love it as well. That roaring/yawning lion is so adorable.

@ Angela - every word you wrote is soooo true. Whoever said the life of a writer is a cakewalk - well- I don't know who would say such a thing. lol!

@ Alleged Author - yeah, that's the kid in me. Anime ROCKS!

K.T. Hanna said...

Congratulations (Haha I love the award icon!)

I wanted to let you now I awarded your blog 2 awards today: The Versatile Blogger and the Irresistibly Sweet Blogger Awards. This felt like an appropriate post to let you know.

Angela Brown said...

Eeeeek! Thanks K.T. How exciting? And humbling.

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