Friday, September 23, 2011 | By: Angela Brown

Fractured Fairy Tales and Going for the Great Teen Hook

Yesterday was a very busy blog day.  I published 3 posts.  Not my norm.  And now my brain is paying for it.

So, as a reminder, please check out my submission for the Writers Platform-Building Campaign 2nd challenge.

If you happen to like it, please click here and Like #8.

If you are a Campaigner and want to participate, here are the instructions.


Please feel free to check out my submission for the Can You Hook a Teen Blogfest.  I was going super-procrastinator with this one but I think I got it in under deadline.  I'm not a teen and I know I could use the benefit of teenage eyes.

If you want to check out other First 250 word submissions, click here and blog hop.

For now, I think I'll call this a Chill Friday.


E.R. King said...

Have a chill Friday! You've earned it! Good luck with the contests. I'm rooting for you.

Angela Brown said...

Thanks so much E. R. I've got my toes crossed as I need my fingers for clacking away at the keyboard :-)

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I still have to write my entry for the Campaign. After reading everyone else's, I think mine will suck.

Angela Brown said...

Hmmm...something tells me that whatever you write will NOT suck. Let's just call it a hunch. But I have to agree that the entries for this campaign have been outstanding.

Talli Roland said...

You've been busy! Hope you got in some relaxing this weekend.

Nas Dean said...

All the best with the contest! I've just Liked it!

Shelley Munro said...

Good luck, Angela! It sounds as if you've been very busy.

Angela Brown said...

@ Nas - Thank you so very much. That's so kind of you.

@ Shelley - yeah...I'll have to do a bit better job in "being overly excited to do everything" :-)

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