Thursday, September 22, 2011 | By: Angela Brown

Lies, Money, Killing and Inspiration

Step right up!  Pick your poison so you can sit on down.

Post-Twilight has probably been an interesting time for Team Edward, Team Jacob and Team We Hate Bella.  But have no fear, Team Jacob can get their fix by watching Abduction, which opens this weekend.  Taylor Lautner stars as a teen who makes the haunting discovery that his life is a house of cards.  Finding his parents are not his real parents is the imbalance that topples his world and sends him running for his life.  Not alone, of course.  There's always a pretty girl.

If you're up for a little budget advice, follow Brad Pitt as he stars in Moneyball, a based-on-a-true-story movie about a baseball team manager who used statistical data to build a winning team at the cheapest cost.  There you go...get the most bang for the buck.  Maybe I should have the real-life-guy take a look at my finances OR...maybe I could just ask if Brad Pitt could take over my finances.  I'm not too old to be adopted if you add the two numbers of my age together ;-)

Perhaps you just want to backhand the person next to you (please don't do that for real!!!) and snarl, "I don't want no stinking sappy crap."  If so, you're in luck.  Clive Owen, Robert DeNiro and Jason Statham star in Killer Elite where everybody - or most everybody - is trying to kill somebody.  I'm guessing there will be blood as well so go ahead and smirk.  A gritty person like you won't smile.

Of course, the kids need something to watch - or rather, the parents need something they can comfortably take their kids to and know that when their kid acts up, they're not alone.  Enter Dolphin Tale, the story of a rescued dolphin with no tail who ends up with a prosthetic one. and the adoration of many people.
Come on, you know you were touched just a teensy, eensy bit by that last trailer.  Or maybe you've had a week like mine and you're feeling like a little Killer Elite in your life.

So what say you?  Team Jacob?  Team Brad?  Team Jason OR Team Dolphin?


Susan Kaye Quinn said...

Touched? I flat out weep every time I see that trailer. And my kids are dying to see it, especially the animal lover.

I'm taking a box of kleenex. :)

Angelina Rain said...

I'm so out of the loop when it comes to movies. I haven't seen any of those trailers.

Talli Roland said...

I don't know any of these films! Then again, it always takes ages for such things to come to the UK!

Nadja Notariani said...

I rarely watch television (UFC is about it..ahem, I have three boys..and well, those shoulders, legs, arms, abs...oh, the viewing pleasure! ha!)
But I do like a good movie every once in awhile. I'm going to have to give this Jason Stathem (sp?) a chance...he just keeps popping up lately. As for the dolphin boys and I watched a video online of a real-life turtle that scientists made a flipper for! Sort of reminds me of that.

In the end, I think I'm a Killer Elite sort of a girl! Ha! Have a good day, Angela ~ Nadja

Angela Brown said...

So we've got Susan for Team Dolphin, Nadja for Team Jason, and Angelina and Talli, well, let's just go with no teams at this time. Counting me, that gives Team Jason the lead with 2 votes.

Maria Zannini said...

Sadly, none of these are up my alley. I want to see a fantasy. Anything like that coming up?

Angela Brown said...

Let's see. Real Steel is coming out in a couple of weeks but that is robots beating up robots so not fantasy (lol!) But it stars Wolverine - oops - I mean Hugh Jackman.

There's a movie called Melancholia coming out in November that I haven't heard anything about but I think it's sci-fi too. Hmmm... not much in the way of fantasy.

Cate Masters said...

Abduction doesn't pique my interest much, but Moneyball and Dolphin Tale sound pretty good. Oh, and I'll have to watch Killer Elite with hubby, most likely. :)

Angela Brown said...

I heard really good things about Dolphin Tale, Cate. I only knew one sports fan who didn't want to see Moneyball. He tried to explain it, but I didn't understand his reasoning.

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