Friday, September 2, 2011 | By: Angela Brown

Me, Myself and my WIP at the cafe

Please, have a seat.  Grab a cherry Pepsi (my new crack) and relax.  I want to introduce you to a few people.

You're already familiar with Me.  I'm a bit fiesty, speak my mind, tending toward the humorous but will fly to the sarcasm in a heartbeat if you catch me at the wrong moment or try to slip something condescending my way.  I love to smile and laugh but I'm usually focused, you know.  Figured out what I want to be now that I've grown up - some more - just a matter of seeing it through to my definition of success.

Myself, well, she pops up more than I care to admit.  I try to keep her visits extremely short.  She's full of doubt, worrisome and sometimes I just don't know what to do with her.  She questions everything.  Should you really do that?  Isn't there something else you should be doing?  That writing thing is just a passing phase, you'll get over it.  I try to tell Myself that if I haven't gotten over it yet, that "getting over" ain't happening.  But she just doesn't get it.  While I sit here with my smirk, she chews her fingernails, foot tapping.  By the way, sorry for the noise, just her knee bouncing against the table.

The coolest cat in the room is WIP.  Mind you, WIP is incomplete, just barely a skeleton and some internal organs, a long way to go before it's whole.  But I love WIP.

Myself, not so much. Can't WIP do something for itself?  Why do you slave over WIP like that?  Ugh!!

Myself doesn't understand what it's like to be a writer, to love words with a passion, to have a story in your mind that simply must be pushed out on the keyboard or there will be hell-o to pay.  All she knows is bills have to be paid, food bought, chipmunk cared for.

Me?  Of course, I'm concerned about those things as well, hence the full time gig that tears me away from writing for at least eight hours a day, but I thrive on the poetic moment, the pun that others miss, the fantastic voyage with a crew of characters the likes of which no one has heard, but will soon when I finish putting their story to paper.

For those of you visiting my blog for the first time, don't get concerned about Myself.  My regs (regular friends and followers) know I keep a decent muzzle on her.  For my regs, well, you know how I do so no explanations needed.  I wanted to take this Rant Friday to do something a little different and give you a tiny insight into what makes Angela Brown - avid reader, loving the blogosphere, full time worker, always mom to a rambunctious chipmunk and last but not least, a storyteller.

So, here's a chance to give a snippet of you, the flash fiction writer, lover of classic novels, proficient at ping pong.  Tell me something about you :-)


Maria Zannini said...

My life consists of paying off Mafia dogs, jousting with scorpions, and wrangling chickens. Sometimes I write novels. :)

Cherie Colyer said...

It was fun to learn a little more about you and yourself.

I sort of like the idea of thinking me and myself. Me would be a fairly positive, easygoing, likes to have fun. Myself does tend to toss out those annoying questions just like yourself. Myself is the one that is more than happy to point out that something isn't working. Me is more than happy to ignore myself.

Susan Kaye Quinn said...

Thanks for the peek under the hood!

I'm a mom to three monkeys instead of a chipmunk, which makes things noisy, funny, and a bit wacky when they're home. I use my precious "at-school" time to lavish love on the other love-of-my-life, my stories. It took me a long time to figure out I was a writer (I'm slow that way), but once I did, there was never any real question of going back. Angst, yes. Worry, yes. But no real possibility. :)

Angela Brown said...

@ Maria - Ah, the mafia dogs. Please tell Iko and Tank, in the best groveling tone you can muster, that my tribute is forthcoming so that I may avoid being licked to death :-)

@ Cherie - Perhaps we should consider tricking your yourself and my myself into going on a cruise so we can get some downtime from them.

@ Susan - Oh my, three monkeys. I commend you. And I'm with you, now that I've gotten to this place where writing is as much a part of what and who I am, turning from this path would just be wrong.

Madeleine said...

I'm held hostage by 2 cats who meanance me for extra food portions and then inadvertently drain the garden pond by redirecting the water feature. The rest of the time I blog and fret about not having written anything on my WIP. ;O)

Angela Brown said...

Sounds like those 2 cats are working in cahoots and sound like some interesting characters for a story.

Sherry Parker said...

You can habitually find me glued to my keyboard, for I'm either writing on a WIP, or editing and re-writing one that needs polishing, facebooking, twittering, or creating all sorts of brochures and pamphlets for various organizations and events! When I'm not doing that, which is rarely, I care for 3 sons -college, junior high, and intermediate.
Enjoy your blog! Keep it up!

Angela Brown said...

Sherry! What's up OGP budddy? glad you were able to stop by and share a few nuggets.

But seriously, 3 sons? I can see you are on the 'always busy' train :-)

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