Monday, October 10, 2011

I am no Anne Rice Taltos

So, unless you're born with all reason, height, growth and abilities of adulthood like a Taltos, I suspect you had to grow into the person you are today.  This took a few things, like embracing change and evolving.  Now, you're either a perky person with a bubbly personality or you're the one hating on the perky person.  I happen to sit square in the middle, with more leaning toward perky as wine is consumed.
Consider this same thing with your writing.  You probably didn't go to kindergarten able to completely differentiate a simile from a metaphor and apply proper analysis of the societal reflections of many of the great classics like Animal Farm or The Grapes of Wrath.  If you did.  WOW!  But I didn't.  I was happy to take my nap, learn my letters and numbers and deal with why the b and d looked too much alike.

Over time, I learned to read and embraced reading like a best friend who didn't have to go home.  My tastes changed as I changed and evolved.

As an infant, I had to crawl to get where I wanted to go.  I'm pretty sure my favorite destination entailed trying to go from the sofa to the kitchen floor where I'd been told "no" a million times.  The places I need to go these days are much farther from me, requiring that I walk or drive.  I had to learn to do both.  But it started with baby steps.

So when you're feeling like, "Frack!  It's too hard, not fair, I can't do this..." or whatever barrage of self-doubt is itching to boil over, take a moment to breathe.  Is there something different you can try?  Is there something different you want to try?  Have you truly opened your mind to new ideas or checked to see if that old idea has had time to marinate into something...more?  And take a tip from Ghandi:
Of course, to do this, you have to be willing to evolve and embrace change.

One of the things I've been slowly embracing is the way the publishing industry is changing.  What change have you embraced or are embracing?


  1. I have come to embrace that I can't control the fact that things I don't want to happen, happen. We need to drink more lemonade when they throw lemons at us. Take the changes and work with them instead of fighting against them.

  2. Oh Clarissa, how spot on you are. That is something I struggle to embrace.

  3. I was once told that the only thing in life I can truly depend on is change. That being said, many people still try to fight change or are afraid of it. I do think there are changes to the publishing industry that are marvelous, but others are not. It's all perspective I guess. Perspective and the ability to adapt.

  4. You know, Emily, I sometimes wonder what this world would be like if absolutely nothing changed. Some things would keep their sanctity, their purity and some things would be just...*shivers* very scary.

  5. Definitely the way the publishing world is changing. It's very exciting. :)

  6. I was so late to start reading. First I had to learn English. And that English grammar--oy!

    But since that rocky start, I've been able to keep up.

    What change am I embracing? I'm trying to extrapolate what will happen when a LOT more people begin self-publishing. This will alter the dynamics again, and I'm analyzing what that population shift will bring.

  7. Girl, I've been through so many changes the past two years that I'm ready for some sameness. I long for sameness.

    They turned out to be good changes, in the long run, so I'm thankful for them.

  8. Oooo, I don't like change. It is actually a problem for me. I like things comfortable and familiar. Sad thing is--you don't grow that way. So I make myself do something everyday that I don't want to do.

  9. evolution; that's what it's all about, becoming better. right?

  10. We aren't born into the world knowing everything!
    And I approve of your use of the word frack.

  11. I'm totally feeling you on this. I'm just embracing that I have so much to learn when it comes to writing. great post!

  12. @ Talli and Maria - the publishing biz has changed so much just in the last 10 years alone. Books have been around for the longest but in the span of a decade, we've managed to turn things topsy-turvy

    @ Cynthia - Glad those good changes were for the better :-)

    @ Angie - Great way to tackle that matter. Having to step out of one's comfort zone can be so irritating.

    @ mshatch - That's right, becoming better

    @ Alex - LOL! Thanks Alex. That's becoming a favorite word of mine.

    @ J.A. Bennett - Oh dear me, I have so much to learn as well! All aboard for the "Writing Train".

  13. I've come to embracing changes in the publishing industry. Took me awhile, but that's OK. We all grow in our own time and in our own way, like you said.

  14. Excellent post. We are constantly evolving ever day of our lives. A teacher once told me once she stopped learning and changing then it was time to retire because she'd given up.

  15. I was just in the middle of a Frack moment! And then I reminded myself that I've had them before, and eventually I figure them out. Hopefully the pattern doesn't decide to change!

  16. Thanks for the inspiration. I have to accept some hard changes with work--like we'll be defunded in a few years and I'll need to find another job. I need to have a positive attitude toward it. Thanks.

  17. Another good post, Angela. At present I'm trying to actually write, which is a huge change from the last three months, which have been full of editing and holidays.

    And an even more immediate change - puppy's belief that she's allowed to sit on my chair. As I write this she's taken possession. I'm off to issue stern words and waggle my finger in a threatening manner...

  18. i hate change, well that is too strong.
    i wish i had submitted my first novel 20 years ago when publishers seemed to be throwing money at chick lit novelists...
    but we are in the midst of this transition for a reason, right?

  19. @ M Pax - It's kind of good that we all grow in our own way, otherwise, we would be so Borg...and that would be so boring.

    @ Alleged Author - That teacher probably had to find another avenue for learning since she'd probably soaked up all she could and had evolved in teaching as far as she could go. Very good food for thought.

    @ Gina - you know, doggone Frack moments just seem to pop up at random, so if random is a pattern, then they'll keep on coming lol!!!

    @ Natalie - You have a chance to really preempt your situation and "manage" the change that must come. I hope you are able to take advantage of whatever great opportunities come your way.

    @ Shelley - Awww...the cute little puppy. Can she just have one little sit in the chair? No? Okay. Sending big hugs to the puppy who will have to embrace the change of NOT embracing its bottom in the chair :-)

    @ Tara - Crikey! I hear you there, except not with the chick lit. I wish I had got my dragon story (soft adventure, nothing too hard I don't think) and my vampire/demigod story off like 10 years ago. Frack! I guess I better embrace the idea of self-pubbing a bit more each day unless the trend "changes" in my favor...which would be nice *sending an word of hope up to the gods of publication*


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