Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Beautiful Collisions in Art

I am mostly recovered from an unexpected shoulder and neck ache.  Because I didn't get to work on anything Monday...or Tuesday for that matter - two days of NaNoWriMo Fail - I'm going to hold off on reporting something until I've typed up more than "...and then she said he said what?"

Yeah.  No real progress there :-)

Yeah, I'm bad...what about it?  :-)
For a bit of inspiration, I re-read a post by Adam Heine, the brilliant mind behind Author's Echo  He discussed fighting hard for something you want.  I'm sure most ALL of you reading this post know a little something about overcoming obstacles.  He mentioned Hok, a dancer whom I adore, as someone he also admired...and I totally agree that Hok certainly has a fighting spirit.  This led me to searching out a special you tube vid that always leaves me teary-eyed.  I feel the rush of excitement liquefied, coursing through my veins whenever I watch this performance.  I hope you enjoy it
Yes, the tears threatened but I won the cry fight...this time.  What is something outside of writing that inspires you?


  1. The "Arts" tend to inspire me, music, art, dance. Even movies. Sometimes it can be as simple as a spectacular sunset or sunrise to move me.

  2. Movies and music. When it's a combination of the two, even better.

  3. I remember that year. Hok was amazing in everything he did. Loved this performance too.

    Music and just scenes in nature inspire me all the time. After watching this I want to go look up some of my other favorites. Do you remember the "A Woman's Work" one?

  4. I love SYTYCD! I love finding inspiration in random places.

  5. Beautiful! Art in movement. I haven't seen this in a while. It was touching to see again. Thanks!
    Good luck getting back into NaNo!

  6. I LOVE that routine, and Hok is an amazing dancer. Am totally a fan of Quest crew too.

  7. Isis - ooohhh...sunrise or sunset. so beautiful

    Alex - That makes me think of Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon

    Charity - Someone else actually turned me on to it and Hok just stuck out to me. I sort of youtube stalked him and Quest crew for a few days. LOVED so many of their routines

    Angela - Random inspiration can be all tingly :-) especially since it can happen at any moment.

    E.R. - Thanks so much. I'm making a steady but slow recovery :-)

    Krispy - Hok has sooo much energy. He's just so awesome.

  8. People succeeding inspire me. People succeeding in spite of adversity completely floor me. I'm honored just to know them.
    I hope you feel better soon! Find someone who can take dictation, and then just tell them your novel. Still counts, right? ;)

  9. Barbara, you know...I guess that counts. And I can certainly see what you mean about the inspiration from seeing people succeed.

  10. Fantastic artwork inspires me to write. I can stare at it for hours and see whole new worlds through art.

  11. It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words. I wonder it can inspire an exponential amount of them.

  12. You and dancing and Adam Heine all in one post? #trifectaofawesome

    I need to DVR more So You Think You Can Dance? :)

  13. Ref: ...unexpected shoulder and neck ache...

    I told ya all that wild sex would catch up to you. :)

    Hope you feel better soon.

  14. Awww Susan, aren't you just the grand dame of awesomeness yourself?

    And just knew your devilish imagination would conjure something exciting from it. I'm tickled reading and re-reading your comment. Love it.

  15. What's this wild sex that Maria is talking about? I hope you recover soon. There's nothing worse than aches or pains when you're trying to write.

    Travel always inspires me :)

  16. Recently it was my kids drawing pictures. I love to see what's inside their heads and the creativeness they demonstrate in images.

  17. Hey there! You've got to get that neck feeling better! I had that once - it's no joke.

    Speaking of pain....ha! I am right there in it with you. I started the program my husband and son have been doing for three months. all I can really say. From my chest to my thighs...I am hurt (in that good way, though) The trainer we have is spot on at knowing the exact amount of work/weight/distance/etc that I need to do to push myself to the brink. But the agony.....OHHHHH the

    Grab up your advil - I'll be skipping that as I did this to myself - and maybe get a neck massage! (Okay...I'm envisioning a tall, handsome hunk of man with magic hands that will erase all your -and my- pain) I'll send him over if I discover a real-life-version)

  18. LOL!!! Shelley, now you know Maria has an imagination that would make anybody blush. Thanks for the well wishes. And I can see you've had some wonderfully inspiring trips lately.

    Stephen, aren't kids just the cutest things?

    Wow Nadja, sounds like some serious working out going on. Hope you are doing that MMA cave man training I've heard about. Now about this masseuse...may have to be careful or Maria's comment could find its way to real life lol!!!!

  19. That was beautiful. I love dance :)

  20. Oh yes, Wendy. Very beautiful. Always something I adore watching.


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