Tuesday, December 13, 2011 | By: Angela Brown

Celebrating Giants and Spreading Holiday Cheer

I had the wonderful Brooke Johnson as a guest at my blog last week.  She shared how she accomplished her dream with steampunk power.  Now YOU can enjoy the fruit of her hard labor.

The Clockwork Giant is NOW available in the following e-book formats:
Barnes & Noble
If holding the book in your hand is the bees knees (yes, people, I really want to bring this back so work with me lol!!!), order your copy from Lulu.


My demon spirits have a contest for you.
Okay...so not really demon spirits but I love Heather's blog title, which actually is My Demon Spirits.  The contest details are found at her Spreading the Holiday Cheer post.  Check them out and enter.  I bet a lot of great flash fiction can come out of this.

Speaking of spreading the holiday cheer, one small thing I do, when I have a dollar on me, is drop it in the Salvation tubs manned by the bell ringers.  It isn't much, and I don't have much myself, but there are people in situations I couldn't imagine being in.  Can you think of examples of small gestures that help to spread "peace on earth and goodwill toward men"?


Maria Zannini said...

Every year, when I'm standing in line paying my bill, (usually at a fast-food restaurant or Starbucks) I pay the bill of the person in front of me.

I picked up this tradition from someone who paid my bill once. It's my way of paying forward every year.

Candy Fite said...

Every year about this time, I get the urge to volunteer. For what? I'm not exactly sure. I think if I did, I wouldn't feel so clogged. My sister in law who volunteer on a reg. basis, loves it!

Maybe I'll go down and help out with a local soup kitchen.

I find myself saying extremely nice things to people around the holidays, like they NEED to hear it. Last week standing in line at Subway, a customer was being so rude to the lady behind the counter. When I paid for my sandwich, I told her it wasn't anything she did, that the customer was not very nice. She smiled and said thankyou. When I opened my cookie bag, she'd thrown in an extra one! Sometimes, I think maybe just a kind word goes a long way. :))

Caryn Caldwell said...

Thanks for the reminder to carry a little cash next time I go to the grocery store! That's where our Salvation Army people hang out, collecting. We've been donating cans of food, but cash is always good.

Susan Kaye Quinn said...

Love the new blog look. This time of year, when everyone is harried, I try to slow my pace and look people in the eye, smile and say hello. A little warmth can go a long way. :)

Angela Cothran said...

I've heard great things about The Clockwork Giant. I need to read it :)

Matthew MacNish said...

This sounds really good!

Angela Brown said...

Maria - That is so cool of you. I've only ever seen something like that in that old Ford commercial. The girl and guy are in their cars at the drive thru window for a dry cleaner. The girl looks behind and sees the guy is hot and in a Mustang so she offers to pay for him and gives her card so he could call her...to say Thank you, I guess :-) Glad yours is just generosity from the heart.

Candy - That's a perfect example of kindness and winning someone over with honey instead of vinegar. And for your kindness you got an extra cookie. Score!

Caryn - I often forget to have cash since we've become such a plastic society but during this time of year, I try to keep a couple of dollars for donating.

Susan - Thanks so much. I never knew how much I liked blue until this update. And this time of year is when people tend to be extra sensitive to their place in this world. You gift of a smile could really make someone's day. That's really cool.

Angela C. - I'm reading it right now and have to say, I'm enjoying it. I'm used to dragons, fae, witches and magic but the magic thus far in this book is the clockwok beauty intrinsically woven through the story.

Matt - What? No Yoda? What? LOL!!! Just kidding. Thanks so much for stopping by.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Even just telling the person at the register to have a great day or a blessed day can do wonders!

Peggy Eddleman said...

I love the title The Clockwork Giant! I'd pick it up on the title alone. :)

I take something around to all my neighbors- even the ones I don't normally talk to much. It's a way to make sure we're connected at least a little more.

Anonymous said...

The Clockwork Giant sounds great. Like Peggy I think I'd pick it up on the title alone :)

When I worked outside the home, I used to do the same thing Maria does (to the person in the car behind me) at the local coffee island. We've always added loose change to the Salvation Army tubs. Happily the wee beasties are now remembering to take a bit of their own money on shopping trips just for this purpose which makes me a proud Mum.

Mostly, that extra smile, that extra word of thanks, are what I aim for.

Brooke Johnson said...

thanks for the shout out Angela :)

as for spreading holiday cheer, i just smile at people and i am polite to everyone i meet. i'm like that most of the time anyway, but seeing how stressful the holidays are, sometimes, it seems like people need a few more smiles in their day.

J. A. Bennett said...

I've heard of that book, I'll have to take a look :)

I love this time of year when there are so many opportunities to give and spread love and joy!

Susanna Leonard Hill said...

I love "the bees knees"! It definitely needs a comeback!

Angela Brown said...

Alex - So true. It's amazing to consider how such small gestures can go a long way.

Peggy - You are such a cool neighbor. I'm not quite brave enough for that level of speading joy, though I do have one neighbor who is quite the looker and this would make the perfect excuse to knock and say "Hi".

Raelyn - It's cool knowing there are such nice people like you and others who've commented. And even those who didn't get to comment are out there doing their part. No wonder this is consdered the most wonderful time of the year.

J.A. - I agree wholeheartedly. It's times like these where it's wise to take stock and appreciate what you have, which encourages paying the joy forward.

Angela Brown said...

Susanna - HA! Yes, someone else down with my cause. Okay, I know bringing "the bees knees" isn't a life altering cause, but I just love saying it.

Angela Brown said...

Brooke - It's my pleasure to mention your novel. Always glad to support fellow authors.

CNHolmberg said...

When the bell ringers first came out, my husband and I were walking into a Walmart to look for Christmas tree skirts, and I dug out the change in my wallet for the red bucket. As I approach, I hear this really loud growl... vibrating... oh wait, it's the bell ringer passing LOADS OF GAS. His back was to us, so he didn't see us coming, but man, that was the loudest and longest flatuation I have ever heard.

He apologized and we scurried away. ;) (After dropping in the change, of course.)

Angela Brown said...

Oh No! CN, that had to be the weirdest moment. Glad you were still able to give :-)

Carrie Butler said...

Peace on earth and goodwill toward men? Hmm... this time of year, I like to donate something to World Vision through their Gift Catalog. :)

LD Masterson said...

My mom would never pass a Salvation Army kettle without dropping in a little something. For years, I believed the Christmas season couldn't really begin until I'd made my first "drop". Now so many stores have adopted a no solicitors policy, last year I couldn't find a red kettle anywhere. So sad.

ali cross said...

I donate to the bell ringers too. So does one of my sons. We don't speak about it, just do it. And it's never much, just a little. But lots of littles add up to a lot, right? That's one small thing. :)

David P. King said...

Good stuff! I've been hearing about Clockwork Giant in several places lately (and "Clockwork" seems to be in a lot of titles, too). :)

Shelley Munro said...

A smile and a polite manner goes a long way at this time of the year.

Tara Tyler said...

i love steampunk!

our baseball teams do fundraisers and projects every year, it's a wonderful thing to be a part of!

Heather said...

Angela, you are awesome! Thank you so much for the shout out!

One thing that I do every year (and I take my Girl Scout troop with me!) is volunteer at the Broken Loaf Food Pantry here in Lakewood, Ca. It is a simple way to help families in need and it reminds me (and my girls) to be SO grateful for what we have!

The name of my blog is "borrowed" from my all time favorite song! "Ghost" by the Indigo Girls..."of all my demon spirits, I need you the most..." it is a truly beautiful song about unrequited love; literary symbolism and haunting harmony. I highly suggest you check it out! ;)

Angela Brown said...

Carrie - Thanks so much for sharing about the Gift Catalog. Will have to check it out.

LD - I've noticed the bell ringers aren't at as many locations this year as well. The donations go to such a worthy cause.

Ali - You are so right, Ali. When we all do just a little, it can add up to so much more than we ever knew possible.

David - LOL! Yeah, there are some good books out with "clockwork" in the title. I also got Clockwork Prince by Cassandra Clare but I'm going to finish Clockwork Giant first :-)

Tara - Woot! Steampunk rocks. And sounds like you guys have some great things to be a part of.

Heather - You are welcome. And that is beautiful what you and the troop do. I was just chatting with a friend about taking stock in life a realizing just how grateful we should be.

Also, I'll check out the song. Thanks for the recommendation :-)

Angela Orlowski-Peart said...

I volunteer all year long because I think my help is needed not only during the holidays but before and after as well :-)

So glad to hear that The Clockwork Giant is available now. I'm gonna get it for a Christmas present to myself.

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