Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Can't Catch Me

Okay, actually, you probably could.  I don't run very fast.  A speedy zombie could force me to add a little pep in my step or just find the nearest shotgun and pray that the "double-tab" to the head works.  Wait, that means I'd actually have to know how to work the gun.  Okay, I'll just run really extra fast lol!!

So, where do I start?  I made some writing progress with MINGLED, my YA paranormal dystopian.

Last week - 32,000 word count
This week - 45,000 word count

That's great progress, however, sadly, I'd hit around 51,000 (the end) when I kerfuffled and lost the last 10k words.  This led to my blogfest fail.  I intended to participate in Can You Hit a Perfect Pitch at Brenda Drake's blog.  But you have to have a completed MS.  Which was no longer the case for me.  I did come up with a pitch:

Ever the odd girl out, Macie's chosen as a Special and forced to face her Fae heritage.  If she can't control her powers and find freedom, the Collective will capture her for their own plans.

#writemotivation - I'm close to finishing my first book and recently received a second book to help me meet my 2 book a month goal for reading.  I'm also beta reading a great sci-fi so, if I add that, I'll actually have 3 books.  I scored alright in the social media area.  Met the basic goals to post 3 times and comment on 10 to 15 other blogs that week.

I'm a bit drained from riding high on word count then being robbed by the word count thief (Save is now my lover).  Sugar-Honey-Iced-Tea happens (I love Madagascar!)

To bring this to a happy close, I want to thank the lovely Sara Bulla over at Live to Write...Edit When Necessary for choosing me for the Versatile Blog Award.  What she wrote truly touched my heart:

"Her post today, in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. is indicative of all her posts. She's thoughtful, humble, determined and grateful to be able to pursue her own dream. I admire her and have benefited from her comments. Thanks Angela!

To say I felt good after reading this would be an understatement.  I thought my cheeks would burst from grinning ear to ear.  I'm so honored.

Because I've done the random things and give/pass/share love a time or two, I'll just say this:  Happiness=Anime!!!!!!!  I could watch Balsa in Moribito or listen to Johnny Yong Bosch do the voice of Ichigo in Bleach  He also did an excellent job in Code Geass as LeLouch/Zero.

Alright, enough rambling about progress, do share if you've ever watched any anime.  If so, do you have a favorite show or movie?


  1. Even though you didn't make your goal, you are moving along in progress. Better to cut the words if you needed to. Nice pitch too.

  2. ups and downs, but mostly ups! yeah for you! and keep writing (and reading =)

    i couldnt catch you!

  3. Ack - the blasted auto save not saving...

    I've had that happen to me so often I could cry. Not since I started using Scrivener though. It autosaves its butt off.

    Your goals are going so well though - you should feel proud of them.

  4. Oh, yes, I've learned the hard way that one must save often, whether in writing, or gaming!

    have you watched Miyazaki? I'm not sure if he's considered Anime but his work appeals to all ages. My Neighbor Totoro is a fave.

  5. I used to be an anime fan, but I haven't been into it lately, excepting the last airbender, of course.

  6. Wow! Congrats on your word-count! That is awesome!

    My first introduction to Anime was a couple kids I used to babysit when I was a young teenager... they were obsessed with Sailor Moon, which kindof turned me off Anime. So I actually didn't watch it again until after high-school when I entered a school for animation... and on our first day, we watched one of the opening scenes from Miyazaki's 'Princess Mononoke' frame by frame so we could appreciate how many drawings it took to create slow actions, and how few drawings it took to create fast actions -> like when Ashitaka shoots his bow.

    Over the years, I've kept up to date on some shows, I do read manga/manwha/etc, but Miyazaki's films will always hold a special place in my heart.

    Oh, and the 'Millennium Actress' movie... LOOOOOOVE that one.

  7. Sorry you missed the mark! However your movie-referencing skills proves you're still awesome.

  8. Ack, it's never fun to lose words! Keep writing! :)

  9. That's still some great progress. Sorry you missed the pitch contest. I didn't finish either and I had planned too.


  10. Lets have a race. I bet you are faster than me. If zombies were chasing us I would get eaten first. I wonder if that is why people keep me around? Hmm...

  11. Congrats on the great progress on your word count! You're having your own NaNoWriMo, sounds like.
    My son's a big anime fan, but I prefer real people on the screen. :)

  12. Natalie - Thank you for the encouragement. That pitch took at least 6 tries to make it to that point lol!!!

    Tara - You never know, Tara. If we had a race, my jolliness would slow me down a bit :-)

    K.T. - I've been thinking of getting Scrivener. Seems it helps in many ways.

    mshatch - YES! I heart Miyazaki. His movies are wonderful. I've got quite of few of them on DVD that Chipmunk lovest to rewatch.

    J.A. - Oooo, The Last Airbender. Just epic, that's all I can say.

    1000th.monkey - I adore Princess Mononoke, especially the mythology presented with the larger-and-in-charge beasts as gods.

    Alex - Why thank you :-) Johnny Yong Bosch is just a really great voice actor and did pretty decently as a Power Ranger.

    Nicole - I know. Losing those words was briefly discouraging, but only for a short time. I'm going to keep going :-)

    Charity - Yeah, kind of wanted to be a part of it. Even added my name to the linky list because I was smooth sailing until...well, you know.

    Angela - You are a riot! I'm sure the people hanging around you are there for the same reason I would be: Because you're a writing rock star :-) But if we get chased by zombies, try to keep up!

    Cate - You know, I guess I hadn't thought of it that way. I was a writing demon :-)

  13. Moving forward is what matters, and it sounds like you're making great progress.

  14. Good for you, Angela! That's incredible progress.

    I will always have a soft spot for Dragonball Z and Sailor Moon, both of whom I discovered as a kid and still love. Other than those, I've seen lots of anime. I can't even recall it all.

  15. LD - I'm trying. Ihad a brief moment of teeth gnashing but then I knew writing was the only way to get the words back.

    Barbara - DBZ, like TLA, is another EPIC anime.

  16. I just love that cheetah photo. They're one of my favorite big cats.

    A big hug on the word loss. I live in fear of losing words, especially since some of them are dragged from my mind, kicking and screaming. You are backing up each day too, right? And another question, is your program set up to autosave?

  17. Ha ha! I'm surprised you're an anime fan!

    Even if the book isn't quite finished, that's great progress! You're almost there, keep it up!

  18. So sorry you lost your work! It's happened to me before, and it just feels like a big blog to the stomach/heart.

    My stepdaughter is obsessed with some anime show she watches on her computer. I'll ask her what it is when she gets home :)

  19. Sorry to hear about your lost words, but you made great progress otherwise! I have like a CTRL+S twitch from compulsive saving.

    I used to be a huge anime fangirl. Not so much these days. It takes too much effort and time to find new things to watch. (I know, I'm schneizeleffort-ing my way through life. w00t Code Geass!) Anyway, I still keep up with Bleach in manga form, and I enjoyed the crack that was Code Geass.

  20. Shelley - ((Hugs)) back atcha.
    I'm making sure to check my program for that now. I click that Save icon now like it's my best friend.

    Charlie - Yep, anime is my kiddo part of me that refuses to grow up :-)

    Jess - LOL! Yeah, please do find out. I wonder if it's something I watch now.

  21. I watch most of my anime via Netflix. Just hopping from show to show, doing repeats when necesary :-)

  22. Sounds to me like you're doing great! Keep up the good work ;)

  23. Angela,

    You've made some friggin' fantastic leaps forward on your work!

    Also, I have to say as well that your MLK post was breathtaking. He's a figure that all people can look to for inspiration, drive, and humanity toward fellow men. I think your comparison of the "dream of equality" to all of our individual dreams was a fantastic spin!

  24. Susanna - Thank you so much. I'll be like Dory and "Just keep swimming" :-)

  25. Rance - Thank you so much. I'm humbled by your compliment. I am truly am :-)

  26. The loss of words is heart-wrenching. But you're such a fast writer, you'll get them back in no time at all.
    Congrats on the award! I agree with everything Sara said about you.

  27. The thought of losing 10,000 words makes me ill . . .

  28. This comment has been removed by the author.

  29. 10k? Guuuuuuuuurl...

    Still you're word counts are amazing. Also, I read Sara's post about your blog and she's spot on. I couldn't agree more with all the wonderful things she wrote about you. You rock.

  30. Your dedication is pretty and shiny. There's not enough chocolate in the world to soothe the loss of 10K words. Ach!


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