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Play it Again, Sam

This is a lovely misquote credited to Boghart in Casablanca.  Ingrid Bergman is believed to have said a line closest to this with, "Play it, Sam."

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But the misquotes abound with different movies.  This one being one of several noted here.  I even did an incorrect quote on Twitter to see if anyone would actually notice: "I'll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today."  For those who've seen Popeye, you know this is said by his jolly-in-the-waistline friend named Wimpy.  I credited it to someone that should have been a very easy guess as incorrect: Hamburglar, the McDonald's character that smiles, sneaks to steal burgers and says nothing.  @I_am_Lady_Jai was the only one to tweet back who the real credit should go to.  Thankfully, I didn't receive any notifications that someone retweeted it.  But that was part of the point.  I stopped myself one morning and decided to check a quote before I retweeted it.  It was only off by a little bit, I've forgotten it now, but it made me wonder: How many people retweet before checking a quote.  Until that point, I didn't.

But in the spirit of our misquoted, "Play it again, Sam", I wanted to list a few movies that I would put down my book to watch again and again and again:
1. Tombstone - Kurt Russell as Wyatt Earp and Val Kilmer as Doc Holliday.  I'm, admittedly, not a big fan of Westerns, but tell me this movie is coming on and I'm popping a bag of popcorn and hunkering down for pistol slinging, gambling and bringing justice with a righteous vengeance.  I crushed on Val Kilmer so hard because of this movie.  But don't tell anyone, make it our little secret.

2. All three Matrix movies -Yes.  All three.  Some people didn't get into the second and third installments but I enjoyed them.  Of course, the first movie blew my mind beyond belief.  Serious WOWness through the whole movie.

3. The Color Purple - I know what happens at the end.  I've seen this movie dozens of times.  Do I cry?  YES.  Every single time.  Ridiculous, I know.  But I can't help it.

4. Lord of the Rings trilogy - Do I really have to explain?  I mean, seriously, it's LOTR.

5. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (original title Wo hu cang long) - swordplay, martial arts, forbidden love, revenge, tension from love long overdue.  This movie gripped me and has since refused to let me go.  I'm okay with that.

So what about you, know of a quote that is often misquoted or perhaps a favorite movie of your own?


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Tombstone! "I'll be your Huckleberry." I know that quote is right. Excellent movie choices. For me, I'd add The Princess Bride. If it's on and I start watching, there goes the next two hours.

Maria Zannini said...

I watch 'comfort' movies when I'm not my usual chipper self.

The Bishop's Wife or (the remake) The Preacher's Wife

Practical Magic

The Last of the Mohicans

Misha Gericke said...

Lol Val Kilmer's Doc is probably my favorite movie of all time.

It's one reason why I can never get my western series out of my head.

As for oft miss-quoted:

"Beam me up, Scotty."


"Elementary, my dear Watson."

Anonymous said...

I love the misquotes but don't have any to contribute on the spur of the moment. Had to comment the Color Purple. I watch it over and over and each time I go through the same emotions so you're not alone!

Ciara said...

I loved Tombstone and LOTR. Of course, most people do. :)

Angela Cothran said...

"Don't go where I can't follow!" Did I get that right? Love LOTR! I'm a shameless miss quoter.

Barbara Ann Wright said...

People always misquote Shakespeare. I blame films, especially for, "Alas, poor Yorick. I knew him well." Which is not the quote, nor is it delivered in Hamlet's office as some people choose to stage it. Not a big quibble, but one of mine. ^_^

I always watch The Mummy with Brendan Frasier if it's on. I've seen it so many times that I can still write during it, and it's great for getting action scenes going for me.

Lady Gwen said...

I do love Casablanca! Here's one for you: "Elementary, my dear Watson." Sherlock Holmes never said it! Fun post, Angela - thanks!

J.L. Campbell said...

I feel like a dinosaur admitting I don't watch many movies. I used to enjoy it though in the old days. I like animated stuff though and I do catch bits and pieces of the newer movies.

Susanna Leonard Hill said...

Not a misquote, but as for favorite movies I have lots, for different reasons. BUt I have a strange fascination with Cold Mountain - a movie I should find appalling and sad, and yet I love it. Why is that? It can't just be Jude Law :)

Krispy said...

I will always watch LOTR, Star Wars, or Harry Potter if it's on TV. Haha. I also love THAT THING YOU DO. So good! Oh and Disney movies - the animated classics.

LD Masterson said...

I can't say what would be my all time favorite movie but the other day I stumbled across A Fish Called Wanda and sat and watched the whole thing. It's funny, no matter how many times I've already seen it.

Carrie Butler said...

Wimpy! Hah! I haven't thought about Popeye for years. Great post! :)

Angela Brown said...

Alex - I believe you're correct with that quote. Doc had some superb one liners like this throughout the movie.

Maria - I have seen Last of the Mohicans in a while. I've watched a few times. I think I'll Netflix it for nostalgia sake.

Misha - Val Kilmer was excellent in this role of Doc Holliday. And I have often find myself saying both of those misquotes before.

Catherine - A fellow Color Purple kleenex holder. Got to have it nearby for this movie no matter how many times you see it.

Ciara - You're right. A few associates and I were talking about Tombstone just the other day.

Angela - I think that's what Samwise Gamgee says to Frodo. If not, sounds good lol!!!

Barbara - I wonder how many of Shakespeare's lines are being misquoted. Probably more than we can count.

Lady Gwen - You're always welcome. Sadly, I misquote that Sherlock line often.

JL - You're no dinosaur at all. I'm a big fan of animation also.

Susanna - Jude Law could be a pretty good reason for watching a good flick. He's a pretty good actor and being handsome doesn't hurt :-)

Krispy - YAY, Star Wars rocks!!

LD - A Fish Called Wanda. That's a title I hadn't heard in a while.

Carrie - I enjoyed Popeye as a kid but could never understand why Popeye and Bluto fought over Olive Oyl lol!!

alice said...

I love LOTR too and I only saw the Color Purple once and cried all the way through.

Shelley Munro said...

I love the quote from Jaws about getting a bigger boat. I'm not sure of the exact quote but it always makes me laugh. I also love watching The Mummy movies and Romancing the Stone. Adventures with romance :)

Leslie Rose said...

"I have a bad feeling about this." Multiple characters in Star Wars. As for movies, an endless loop of Star Wars (episodes 3-6), Lord of the Rings (extended versions), Harry Potter (all), and Gone With the Wind.

Kate Coursey said...

LOVE the Lord of the Rings trilogy. I haven't seen any of the others, but I'll have to check them out! I personally love I Am Sam, Phoebe in Wonderland, and a bunch of indie films. I live in Utah so I always get really excited when Sundance comes to town.

Mike Keyton said...

Favourites come and go, but I do like John Wayne's The Searchers, and I also like 'Downfall'. There's another stunning film which is just men talking around a table, only these men are the inner core of the SS discussing in very bureacratic language, the Final Solution. Kenneth Branagh stars. I think it's called 'Conspiracy'.
As for misquotes I can only remember song misquotes. The very famous 'Excuse me while I kiss this guy' from Purple Haze. That's the misquote by the way : ) The other one is from The Hollies 'He's not heavy he's my brother.' I once heard some one singing it as 'He's not Herby, he's my brother.

Aguilar Elliot said...

i love all three matrix movies too!! i know very few people who do.

Sara Bulla said...

I still haven't seen the color purple, but always want to. I'll tack that on to my new years to do list. I love classic movies - Philadelphia story with Katherine Hepburn and Cary Grant and Jimmy Stewart. I also love My Fair Lady and Sound of Music. And Lord of the Rings. Love it!

Nadja Notariani said...

Val Kilmer stole my heart in Tombstone, too! 'So that's why you're not wearing a bustle...' and .... 'He reminds me Now I'm sure I hate him.' Ha!

I have a few movies/characters that make me watch again and again...
Viggo in 'Eastern Promises'

The Pride and Prejudice with Kiera Knightly. That Mr. Darcy grew on me as the movie progressed, and soon, I was lost.

My Big Fat Greek Wedding...just reminds me of my own family way too much.

The Quiet Man - John Wayne...need I say more?

The 10 Commandments - Yul (Ramses) ...I <3 that beautiful man...

Two recent movies that I've watched more than once...
Leap of the cutest romantic comedies I've seen.
It's Complicated. Meryl Streep and Alec Baldwin were fabulous! I laughed all the way through it!

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