Thursday, August 30, 2012 | By: Angela Brown

Mistress of the Stone - Tank and Iko Style

Arrggh!  And a howling "Woof!" to you all!

Tank and Iko here.

We've taken over Angela's blog today to tell you about something very important.  Captain of the ship Maria Zannini has penned another awesome book for your enjoyment.

You can buy your copy here.  Arrggh!

Mistress of the Stone

A young woman at the helm of a pirate ship braves ghouls, ghosts and werewolves to find her father--or avenge his death.

Luísa Tavares has a list of sins the length of the Antilles, but there’s no time to repent for them now. When a pockmarked Frenchman hands her Papa’s ring—still attached to his severed finger—she orders the Coral back to the Caribbean, despite her father’s earlier warning never to return.

It’s Luísa’s luckless fate that the only man who can help her is a blasted Inglés pirate hunter who’s more dead than alive and locked in a curse he doesn’t want lifted. Worse, his feral sensuality sparks a hunger she can’t ignore.

Xander Daltry hadn’t planned on kidnapping this wild woman—or succumbing to his uncontrollable desire for her. But he needs Luísa and the moonstone she wears around her neck to rescind a witch’s spell. His sister, long dead, and others like her have been cursed to remain in the mortal plane for eternity. Only the stone can set them free.

The only way to convince the reluctant pirate queen to help him is to withhold one small bit of the truth. For if she learns who really betrayed her father, the longing in her fiery eyes could easily turn to murderous wrath…

As proof Angela's blog hasn't gone completely to us dogs, a birdie came by - no, neither of us ate it, not that Iko didn't try - and dropped off a few Tweets that you can share at your own Twitter-spot:

She was safe—at least until he woke up. #pirate story #mistress of the stone

“There, there, niña. I’m not so easy to kill. Your mother tried plenty of times.” #pirate story #mistress of the stone

“God, forgive me. If I’m going to burn in hell, I want to go with a smile on my lips.” #pirates #mistress of the stone

Mistress of the Stone (paranormal/historical) by Maria Zannini, #samhain


Anonymous said...


This sounds like a sultry tale and I like the sound of a pirate queen.

Angela Brown said...

Pirates are pretty awesome in their rough sort of way. Throw in a sultry pirate queen and you've got yourself one heck of a tale.

Angela Cothran said...

If there are pirates count me in :)

Maria Zannini said...

So my pirate dogs got to you, eh, Angela? They're big, but easily mollified. All you gotta do is say the word, cookie. Of course, then you gotta pony up a cookie. :)

Thanks so much for hosting the boys!

Angela Brown said...

You got pirates, so ye be counted lol!!

Angela Brown said...

So the word is "Cookie". Darn it. But they were looking at me with those eyes and Iko was just too I let them have the blog for the day :-)

Jackie Burris said...

Maria here is to continued success for MOTS, okay that looks kinda strange but the book was totally not what I expected and it was a great that you "surprised" me.

Susanna Leonard Hill said...

I've got to say, I like the concept of a girl at the helm of a pirate ship! Har, matey! :)

Angela Brown said...

You don't read about that very often. One of the great appeals of this story, along with Maria's writing :-)

Angela Brown said...

Okay, now you've got me totally ready to read this book as quickly as possible, Jackie :-)

Gwen Gardner said...

Using Tank and Iko to sell books, huh? That's brilliant! Congrats to Maria! I'll see you on the high seas, matey!

Angela Brown said...

I adore Tank and Iko. I'm glad Maria's giving them some time to travel the blogosphere and share the news about this new book.

J.L. Campbell said...

It's rare both in history and storytelling to find a female at the helm of a ship. Best wishes to Maria!

Angela Brown said...

Wow. Very true point, Joy.

Tara Tyler said...

i love when your blog is taken over! so fun & creative!
good luck to maria =)

LD Masterson said...

Always love running into Tank and Iko. My favorite Rotties.

I've already read Mistress of the Stone and it was great.

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