Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Conversations with Myndi Shafer

I see you :-)
Leaning forward.
Hand cupped to your ear. Eavesdropping.
You'll claim you weren't dropping no eaves like Samwise Gamgee, but the voices drew you. I should know. I've been in that tempting moment before.
There's a conversation and you just can't help wanting to know.

Not a problem. 

Come on in. Neither Myndi nor I mind you taking a peek into this conversation. As a matter of fact, you're invited :-)

Before heading over, don't forget about this fab news:

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  1. Gotta love Samwise. lol I've got my copy of your book. Just waiting for it to come up my to-read list. Can't wait.

    1. Yeah, Big hugs to the little Sam Man :-) And thank you so much Donna. I hope you enjoy it :-)

  2. Yup. Saw this on Twitter. Shared it for you!

  3. Oooh thanks for the reminder!! I'll have to download this onto my Kindle ASAP.

  4. I've read Neverlove and I absolutely, positively recommend it!

  5. Myndi is hilarous. I heard something about a haiku you wrote...

  6. Replies
    1. Thanks, Martina. He was such a cold man lol!!

  7. I will definitely pop on by. :) Hope you got oodles of downloads.

  8. Congrats and best wishes on huge number of new readers.

  9. Yes! Grab a copy of Neverlove and give it a read! You won't be disappointed. :))


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