Thursday, August 1, 2013

Part 18: Read Ready

Please make sure to stop by and comment for today's post for Tree of Life: Branching Out:

Part 18 - Angela Brown_Leaving the Nest


  1. i just went thru some of the tree of life entries...fantastic! you all are putting together a wonderful story!

    and recovering from a vacation is tough! esp from disney!
    catching up with mail/ bills and laundry are at the top!

  2. Wow that's some story you wrote Angela. I especially loved this line.

    In a tangle of arms and legs, wet hair splayed upon the sand, man knew woman.

  3. Hi Angela,

    I visited. I commented. I admired the magic that is your writing. Well done, dear lady.

    Gary :)

  4. Awesome contribution today, Angela! You've got some serious skill:)

  5. Thank you everyone for checking out my contribution. It's an honor to be a part of the contributing authors. The music is inspirational and each excerpt has been outstanding :-)


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