Friday, November 15, 2013 | By: Angela Brown

Masquerades, Comments, Prizes...Oh My!

Welcome to the last day of the Realms Faire & Joust organized by the fair Lady MPax of realms near and far away.

Jousting! I, Ghost Knight, prithee visit Lady MPax's blog to cheer the jousters. Here are a few cheers to share:

Ghost Knight and her trusty steed, Atone, come forth from the fog leaving neverlove in the past and victory to bear.
Atone whinnies into the charge with Ghost Knight in perfect form to win against the stain of neverlove.

It's the Masquerade Parade!
 - "mystery authors" showcase their skills with a snippet of a masquerade moment
 - commenters can guess "who" the parading author is
 - a winner will be randomly plucked from the pool of correct guessers
 - prizes vary by the author so make sure to stop by each day to try for a prize :-)
 - to assist in the guessing, participating authors are listed here...but don't think you can win by process of elimination since "phantom names" will be mixed in with the real entrants :-)

On to the Masquerade Parade!
Credit to gajman @
***Here's our seventh parader***
Credit to DoodleDeMoon @
Bowie’s Let’s Dance is not the music I would have chosen to start this year’s masquerade ball, but Lord Lucian always did have a twisted sense of humour.

Letting the strange unmelodic song take me in its embrace, I place a fanged mask in front of my face and glide into the ballroom. A myriad of equally macabre masks stare back, and I gasp at the sheer tortured delight of it all.

Somewhere, my beloved awaits. Disguised. Hidden. Like a moth in the night awaiting my life-draining flame.

A woman approaches. She’s tall and imposing, and I decide under her mask of thorns she has a breathtaking beauty.

“Lady Darksky?” she asks, offering a moon-shaded hand to shake.

I take her cold hand in mine. “It is I,” I reply, already memorised.

“Sir Dead has told me of your desires. But first we must dance.”

She leads me into the centre of the room, a sea of tormented faces parting before us.

“And may I ask your name?” I enquire.

A faint laugh escape her mask. She steps closer. “As black as the night and as soulful as the moon.”

Luna Black. At last, we meet.

Today's prize is an ebook by this author, one each for five winners!

So Ladies & Gentlemen, place your answer in the comment section below... and happy guessing :-)

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M Pax said...

Ooo! That was fun and tantalizing.

Kimberly said...

Nice piece. Okay, now THIS time I'm saying Ellie Garratt too - I was smarter this time and did a little research firston the possible author choices and picker her based on the word spelling. ha! Of course, I might still be wrong!!

Angela Brown said...

Thank you for participating. Unfortunately, comments beyond this note will not be considered for the prize. Good luck guessers!

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