Wednesday, November 20, 2013

One More Winner and Up in the Air

***It is my pleasure to share the final winner from the Masquerade Parade. This winner is not from the comment section, but rather from among the participants. It was a hard-pressed situation choosing one among the high quality of work submitted (Darn it to heck for you ALL being such TALENTED authors!!) but one was finally chosen...

Ellie Garratt

She is the winner of L. Diane Wolfe's How to Publish and Promote You Book Now.

Congrats, Ellie! ***
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Here's a chance to take a moment and think silly thoughts.

Imagine you're in one of these seats and "for some reason" things have paused, with you high enough to touch the sky. What's the first word or sentence to come to mind?

Share your instant reaction in the comments below?


  1. Congratulations, Ellie!
    First thought? I can see my car from here!

    1. That is such a cool and calm response :-)

  2. Woot woot for Ellie!

    My thought: Aaaaaa! Get me the frick down!

    1. That might be what I sound like..possibly less intelligible lol!

  3. First thought: Oh crap. Second Thought: I might be able to write a book about this.

    Congrats Ellie.

    1. LOL!! That is such a writer's response :-) Love it!

  4. Congrats Ellie!

    "Don't be a wuss" probably said to That Man who IS NOT a fan of carnival rides, LOL


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