Monday, January 27, 2014

Time Flies When You're Having Fun and a Cover Reveal - AVTE

*After checking out this post, please stop by Amy Kessler's blog where I visit today*
I must be having way too much fun because it seems time is moving at warp speed. Does it feel that way to anybody else? 
Well, another moment where time dashed the 4X4 relay at record speed was during the Confessions Round Table this past Saturday. From 2 pm to 3 pm (CST, CDT, whatever it is lol!!), readers joined me/Rayven for virtual drinks poured neatly because we're classy, you see :-) And there were virtual snacks too. The hour flew by with our discussions. Attendees were also treated to a sneak peak and an excerpt from the next episode in the Chancellor Baltimore confessions: CONFESSIONS OF A SEX FIEND: A VIEW TO ECSTASY.

I'm thrilled to share it with all the world (or at least those checking out my blog lol!!) today ;-)
Cover by Melody Simmons,
I really like the way the color pops and how they're captured in the moment. Very evocative. Makes you wonder what Chancellor Baltimore has to confess when this is released February 21, 2014. Hmmmm....

And the fun wouldn't have been complete without a winner for the Shari's Berries $25 sweet prize. And the winner is...

Drum roll please

Andrea Redding! Congrats!!

That was one of the highlights from my weekend. What did you do?


  1. Sounds like a fun weekend. It was so cold and snowy here I just tried to stay inside. Yesterday we didn't even go out. It was nice.

    1. Very fun, Natalie. And glad you enjoyed time inside where it was warm and toasty :-)

  2. I hear you on time's movement. Weird...

    1. It is weird. But, doing what I can in the time I get :-)

  3. Every man's dream.
    Reality isn't so good though.

  4. I went on a lovely 10 mile run in the sunshine! And that's about it, other than hours and hours of revisions! :)

  5. Working on my new wip and final edits on my soon too published book. Congrats on the new book coming :)

  6. LOL, you already saw what my weekend entailed. Congrats to Andrea.

  7. Congrats Andrea!

    TIME... HA! There's never enough and it flies faster that the INSANE winds we have here in Chicago! Not to mention the minus temps.

  8. I popped over at Amy Kessler's blog.

    Most of my weekend was spent outdoors prepping for the next cold snap. A lot of work, but now I can relax.


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