Thursday, June 12, 2014 | By: Angela Brown

A Hot Stop

Mila Ramos was kind enough to point the spotlight on Confessions of a Sex Fiend by my alter ego Rayven Godchild. As steamy a read as the series can be, the book tour has a swag giveaway that's worth checking out. Click here to visit so you can enter for your chance to win.

And have you done a query? I attempted one for my YA urban fantasy/dystopian, BEACON, as a way of directing my story. A huge part of me is looking to self-publish this novel. It's a dystopian and there's lots of talk that dystopians are dead as far as agents and editors are concerned, but I think I may find a place or two to try my luck. Who knows? That is the beauty of having a choice :-)

I'm heading over to Unicorn Bell to see if one of the fine folks there had a chance to look over my query. I could use loads of advice if I'm going to send this darling out for consideration by an editor. Stop by as well. Perhaps you can take notes on things I didn't do so well to help you improve your own query.


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