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Halloweensie entry for Susanna Hill's contest

That's right!  It's about that time!

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The Contest:  write a 100 word Halloween story appropriate for children (title not included in the 100 words), using the words pumpkin,broomstick, and creak.   Your story can be scary, funny or anything in between, poetry or prose, but it will only count for the contest if it includes those 3 words (you can count candy corn as one word) and is 100 words (you can go under, but not over!)  Get it?  Halloweensie - because it's not very long and it's for little people :)  (And yes, I know 100 words is short but that's part of the fun and the challenge!  We got nearly 80 fantastic entries last year so I know you can do it!)  Also, you may use the words in any form - e.g. creak, creaky, creaks, creaking, creaked.

Post your story on your blog between 12:00 AM EDT Monday October 27th and Friday October 31st by 11:59 PM EDT and add your post-specific link to the list that will accompany my October 27th post.  There will be no Would You Read It that week, and no PPBF, so the post and the list of links will stay up all week for everyone to enjoy.  If you don't have a blog and would like to enter, you can simply copy and paste your entry in the comments section of that post once it's up. (Or, if you have difficulty with the comments, which unfortunately sometimes happens, you may email your entry to me and I'll post it for you!)

Here's my contribution, something that might be a bit off the beaten path.

A Messy Halloween

“My word!” Mommy said, hands on hips.
Pumpkin seeds bounced along the kitchen floor to the up and down rhythm of mommy's wand in my fist. Grandma moved her walker doing a two-step. Mimi, our black cat, jumped on the window sill and meowed. The jack-o-lantern looked on with his crooked grin.
Mommy snapped her fingers. Her broomstick flew into her grasp. The floor creaked as she danced, bobbing her head to the pots and pans’ beat.
“A messy Halloween is the best Halloween when my little witch comes into her powers,” she sang.
And we danced the Halloween away.
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Mage Revealed

***I'm a little late to the party but I wanted to make sure to extend the celeration for C.D. Coffelt's latest release!***

Mage Revealed

Book Two of The Magic Withheld series
Struck with enough malevolent Spirit to turn him into a raving beast of a man, Bert Reese fights to remain human. Alone, he walks a slender path between sanity and madness. Then, an unlikely source enters his life to help—one of the now-hated mages.
But Ashleigh is different and calms his butchered senses. Her fierce nature is the only rock that stands between him and the crevasse that is beast. In all ways, she walks beside him toward a new beginning. But at the end of their journey lies the one who used Spirit against him. Questions arise; did Tiarra, head of the Imperium, lose her magic, die, or simply give way to the new order? Or, like a spider, does she wait for a mage to blunder into her web?
Forced on him without a care for his humanity, Bert is the mage who should not exist, born with a different kind of magic. 
And the gates of Hell are no match for the magic he wields.
Author C.D. Coffelt’s world of magic started in Wilder Mage with the words “The earthquake wasn’t his fault. Not this time.” It continues in Mage Revealed, the second book of the three-part series. Watch the book trailer on YouTube.

Excerpt from Mage Revealed
Energy slithered around him, encased him and…
All the elements slammed into him at once filling him like a bursting dam, sloshing into a maelstrom of Fire, Earth, Air, Water, and Spirit. Magic filled him, cascaded into every pore of his skin until there was nothing left that was of his essence.
He raised his arms. “I am a wizard,” he said.
His words echoed, like the roll of a bass drum in an empty coliseum.
From his fingertips, fluid lightning forked and shot into the empty sky. A violent whirlwind as tall as he wanted it to be caught up a whirl of leaves. A roar of Fire sprang from the palms of his hands, crowned his head. And Spirit, the silvery element waited for his command, to charge into any foray he so chose.
He turned to the panting women, frozen in the grip of panic and fright.
“I am a wizard,” he said again.

C.D. Coffelt lives outside Skidmore, Missouri with a bemused husband and way too many cats. She is a member of the Missouri Writers Guild. But despite that bit of conventionality, she adores all things fantasy with a special love for urban and epic.
With a passion for good writing and Doritos as companions, locating Middle-Earth on a dusty road in rural Missouri wasn’t difficult. All it took was a little Magic, hours of reading, and an overactive imagination.
She blogs as Huntress on, Facebook, Twitter, and her writer’s critique site,

Find her books at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.
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Monday, October 20, 2014 | By: Angela Brown

Willl You Be NaNoWriMoing?

National Novel Writing Month is coming nigh. Will you be joining in the fray that means pumping out 50,000 words in one month?

I participated in 2012, not so in 2013. This year, I do believe I'll be a part of the madness - erm - fun...yeah, fun :-)

If you are going to NaNoWriMo, have you started the planning process? Anything special you looking to try to help squeeze out all the words so you can be a NaNoWriMo winner?

For those interested in getting more information, click NaNoWriMo to sign up and for more information.

Because I'll be participating in this year's NaNoWriMo, my blog appearances may be a bit sporadic, well, more sporadic than they've been. But I figuered I'd share in advance because, well, I love you guys!

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For Life Being Good

As many of you know, the writing/blogging community lost a dear friend in Tina Downey. Although her presence is no longer active in a bodily form, her spirit, her positivity, her everything that made her Tina, still lives on in the legacy she left behind. In celebration of the beauty she shared during her life, the Tree of Life participants have released that fab, fun project out in publication.
You can buy your ebook copy here at Amazon and enjoy the story-hopping fun as each author adds their spin to the tale.

The best part is that all proceeds will benefit the Downey Education Fund set up for Tina's children. Please grab your copy and make sure to share with others.

Prepared Tweets
Tree of life, a fantastic story @ only 99cents provides a good read & your chance to pay the good forward

What can U get 4 99cents? How about an excellent read & having ALL ur proceeds paid forward for children's education.

In celebration of Tina Downey's life, Tree of Life is now available for only 99cents. Get your read on!

Prepared FB posts
Get your copy and give a copy of Tree of Life: audiomachine. For 99cents you get a fantastic story told by many talented writers the world over inspired by the epic music of audiomachine.

We're celebrating Tina Downey's life with the release of Tree of Life: audiomachine. Please join us as we share a great story while paying the good forward. For only 99cents, you get a fantastic story and know that ALL proceeds will go to the Downey Education Fund set up for Tina Downey's children.

Special note: Cover designed by the extraordinary artist and composer, Ryo Ishido.

What else can you come up wth where 99cents makes such a huge difference?
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Twisted Earths

Speculative fiction variety.

Fantastic reading bites to enjoy morning, noon, or night.

A wonderful assemply of authors. Being a part of this group and the anthology keeps me ever aware of the talent in the writing community and encourages me to step up my writing game.

Get yours today, Twisted Earths...for only $0.99!!!
It's available in e-book at Amazon, Smashwords, iTunes, B&N, Google Play

Not a lot of money for a whole lot of great reading from the following contrubuting authors (learn more about them by clicking here):
Angela Brown
River Fairchild
Gwen Gardner
Misha Gerrick
Graeme Ing
Cherie Reich
Catherine Stine
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Word by Word

This has been a pretty cool year.

I got a chance to revamp my Rayven Godchild penname, first with Chancellor Baltimore's Confessions series. Then recently, republishing Secret Lilies.

Then in September, I got to be a part of the Indie Romance Convention in Lebanon, TN.

As a part of Untethered Realms, the TWISTED EARTHS anthology will be released soon, as in really, really soon, like this month soon! Make sure to get your pre-order in to take advantage of the giveaway :-)

The rest of 2014 looks cool, too. I have one new MS I started under my Rayven Godchild name, I have plans to work on the final novel in the Shadow Jumpers series to bring it to some closure next year and I look forward to working on the sequel to my YA urban fantasy dystopian. I'm thinking NaNoWriMo may be a helpful motivator in bringing some of my word by word progress about. 

How are things progressing, word by word, in your neck of the woods?

Pssst! Hey, by the way, check out the sidebar and sign up for my newsletter. With new things happening, I'd love to make sure you're in the know.

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Gear up for GEARS OF BRASS! 

A world like ours, but filled with gears of brass, where the beating heart is fueled by steam and the simplest creation is a complex clockwork device.  

Within this tome, you’ll find steampunk fairy tale re-tellings, as well as original stories that will send your gears turning.  

Welcome to the steampunk realm, with eleven authors guiding your path. 

GEARS OF BRASS is a steampunk anthology published through Curiosity Quills.  It will be available for purchase on November 10, 2014.  Within the pages, you’ll come across clockwork inventions and steampunk-ified fairy tale retellings.  Eleven authors will guide you through worlds filled with airships, top hats, and corsets. 

Meet the authors:
Jordan Elizabeth writes young adult fantasy for Curiosity Quills, including ESCAPE FROM WITCHWOOD HOLLOW which was published in October and the upcoming TREASURE DARKLY; she’s represented by the Belcastro Agency.

J. Million is the author of Last of the Giants and can always be found reading or writing.

Lorna MacDonald Czarnota is a professional storyteller and author of several books including, Medieval Tales That Kids Can Read and Tell, Breadline Blue, Legends Lore and Secrets of Western New York, Wicked Niagara, Native American and Pioneer Sites of Upstate New York, and Dancing at the Crossroads: Stories and Activities for At-Risk Youth Programming.

SA Larsen is represented by Paula Munier of Talcott Notch Literary and is the author of published short stories, community-interest stories, and magazine articles focused on children. 

Grant Eagar is an Engineer who would take the tales he told his children at bed time, and transform them into fantasy stories. 

Clare Weze is the author of The House of Ash (forthcoming) and the co-author and editor of Cloudscapes over the Lune.

Eliza Tilton: gamer, writer and lover of dark chocolate; author of the YA Fantasy, BROKEN FOREST, published by Curiosity Quills Press.

Heather Talty's stories have been featured in Enchanted Conversation, as well as her own fractured fairy tale site, Mythopoetical (

W.K. Pomeroy is a third generation writer who has published more than 70 short stories/articles/poems across many genres and styles, which now includes Steampunk.

Christine Baker is the author of Lana's End, The Guild of Dagda, and many more. 

Natalia Darcy: a bookilicious reader, tea drinker and Zumba aficionado who enjoys playing cards against humanity and washing her hair with ice cold water. 

You can get your steampunk fix before GEARS OF BRASS is released in November.  To enter for your chance to win a copy of GEARS OF BRASS, you will need to share the cover.  This can be on your blog, Facebook, Twitter… Each time you share the cover image, log it into Rafflecoper (#insert link) to record it.  It will give you more chances to win.  The drawing for the winner will be held on October 27th
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Wherein Julie Flanders Stops By with Great News!

Polar Night's Aleksei Nechayev leaves war-torn Russia in 1917 and makes his way to Alaska. Settling in at a railroad camp, Aleksei comes up against an adversary who seems to know the truth about the newly-turned vampire's identity, and who soon gives Aleksei much more than he bargained for at The Turnagain Arm.

Cover design by Michael Di Gesu
Only 99 cents on Amazon Kindle

Book Blurb: 

Locomotive wheels screech to a halt. Potters Creek, Alaska is nothing more than a small camp set up alongside the tracks. A weathered sign dominates the scene.

The Turnagain Arm Saloon 


Only one passenger remains and exits.

The early afternoon full moon peaks through a shimmering snow fall as a shadow casts over each split rail. The wind howls, sweeping the cloak of a hooded figure. He follows   the tracks toward the distant saloon. A hulking man crunches through the snow, attracting his attention.

Calling out to him in a foreign accent, the townsman stops in mid step. The stranger catches up and engages him.


The man disappears under the stranger’s cloak.

Blood drips from his lips, and he wipes the remaining trickles from his mouth. After disposing of the body, the mysterious figure continues on his journey. He glides through the snow as if on a sleigh, leaving no footprints behind.

*          *          *          *          *

Within a short period, he convinces Vasyl, the owner of the saloon, to hire him. Aleksei charms everyone he meets. But soon mistrust enters every tense line on Vasyl’s face as others disappear, and his wife falls under Aleksei’s spell.

The classic game of cat and mouse continues, but who will win?

Is a mere mortal any match for Aleksei?

A spark ignites within Alexei after yet another of Vasyl’s attempts to disgrace him.

This man knows of me. He must be a witch. Aleksei laughs. You are no match for me or my plan.

About the Author: 

Julie Flanders is a librarian by day and a writer all the rest of the time. Julie is also a television show addict with a particular fondness for Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead and a slightly obsessive sports fan who cheers for the Ohio State Buckeyes, the Cincinnati Reds, and the Cincinnati Bengals. She is a life-long animal lover and an animal rescue advocate and shares her home with her rescued dog and cat.

Julie’s published novels include the paranormal thriller Polar Night and the historical ghost story The Ghosts of Aquinnah. Both are available from Ink Smith Publishing. Polar Day, the sequel to Polar Night, will be published by Ink Smith in January, 2015.

Julie is a proud member of the speculative fiction writing group Untethered Realms. Meet the rest of the group and explore their books at

Please visit Julie at her website at or contact her by email at She can also be found on Twitter at @JulesFlanders.

Enter to win one of two prize bundles featuring a $15 gift card and an ebook copy of The Turnagain Arm. 

a Rafflecopter giveaway
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Can YOU Guess It?


To celebrate the release of Jessica Bell's latest novel, WHITE LADY, she is giving away an e-copy (mobi, ePub, or PDF) to the first person to correctly guess the one true statement in the three statements below. To clarify, two statements are lies, and one is true:

Over the past twelve months, Jessica Bell has travelled to ...
a. Germany, Prague, London, and New York
b. Germany, Canada, Prague, Australia
c. Australia, Canada, Germany, and London

What do you think? Which one is true? Write your guess in the comments, along with your email address. Comments will close in 48 hours. If no-one guesses correctly within in 48 hours, comments will stay open until someone does.

Want more chances to win? You have until October 31 to visit all the blogs where Jessica will share a different set of true and false statements on each one. Remember, each blog is open to comments for 48 hours only from the time of posting.

If you win, you will be notified by email with instructions on how to download the book.

Click HERE to see the list of blogs.


*This novel contains coarse language, violence, and sexual themes.

Sonia yearns for sharp objects and blood. But now that she's rehabilitating herself as a "normal" mother and mathematics teacher, it's time to stop dreaming about slicing people's throats.

While being the wife of Melbourne's leading drug lord and simultaneously dating his best mate is not ideal, she's determined to make it work.

It does work. Until Mia, her lover's daughter, starts exchanging saliva with her son, Mick. They plan to commit a crime behind Sonia's back. It isn't long before she finds out and gets involved to protect them.

But is protecting the kids really Sonia's motive?

Click HERE to view the book trailer.
Click HERE for purchase links.

Jessica Bell, a thirty-something Australian-native contemporary fiction author, poet and singer/songwriter/guitarist, is the Publishing Editor of Vine Leaves Literary Journal and the director of the Homeric Writers' Retreat & Workshop on the Greek island of Ithaca. She makes a living as a writer/editor for English Language Teaching Publishers worldwide, such as Pearson Education, HarperCollins, MacMillan Education, Education First and Cengage Learning.

Connect with Jessica online:

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IWSG - The Writing and Publishing Journey

To get the deets for this great group, hop, awesome source of support, click here.

Today's post is a little different. This is my contribution to the IWSG Guide to Publishing and Beyond in celebration of IWSG's 3rd birthday/anniversary/whatever, 3 years going strong. Being a part of this has been a plus in my journey to publication and continues to be a wonderful thing for me even as I continue each step along the path before me. we go...

What's Good to Your Soul
(I give permission for this to be republished for the IWSG Guide to Publishing and Beyond)

There's lots of advice for an aspiring writer. Honestly, I want to facepalm myself for not being aware of the scores and scores of tips and points available when I first tripped and fell headfirst into the ocean that is publishing. I allowed myself to be so blinded by...goodness, I don't even know what it was. Maybe it was the idea of being published or unrealistic hopes without doing what I needed to do to make it happen. That was back in 2007 when I first self-published Secret Lilies under the pen name Rayven Godchild and then life side-swiped me with a lot of necessary change.

When I came back to the game, I came back a bit more prepared though I still had a few things that still needed to be addressed to get where I am (where I am being a happier place as an author and not trying to be some other author). So instead of tips or advice, I have a few Hard Knocks to share.

Hard Knock 1. Accept the dream - For the longest time, I didn't want to publish my writing. As a kid I thought it was awesome. But the reality of things like rent or mortgage, groceries, and electricity took over. When the writing bug hit me, I wishwashed around, uncertain if I was worthy, if anyone would even care to read what I wrote. Which leads to...

Hard Knock 2. Get over yourself - Seriously. It's good to have confidence to help battle the monster that is Doubt. Inner Critic tends to have the power to draw more blood and cease more writing careers than any red-pen-wielding editor, critique partner or even the dreaded Goodreads Trolls. But having issues when people trying to help you point out ways to improve your work won't help. Talent is great. Being a gifted writer is very helpful, but it's putting in the work that will  keep you moving along the publication journey, leading to...

Hard Knock 3. Open your mind and do your research - Self-publishing via KDP, Nook Press, Smashwords or Draft2Digital. E-book publishers. Small publishers. Traditional publishing. Although there is no one right way to publish, there is one journey that is yours and yours alone. Do your research to weigh the pros and cons of the different ways to publish. Closing your mind to one way may be closing the door to an opportunity you choose to dismiss. That's a great segway to...

Hard Knock 4. Comparisons have their place - Whatever path you choose, or whatever twists and turns your various choices and decisions lead you on, keep the comparisons to the blurbs and sales pitches. I can't tell you how many times I've found myself first pleased with having a work compared to another author that is successful then found myself wondering why aren't some of those same good things happening to me. Why did so-and-so get a deal but I didn't? How did that other author debut and sell thousands of copies self-publishing their first work and my novels/novellas have flatlining numbers? These questions can lead to all things negative when that monster Doubt creeps in behind the personal inquiries. Introspection turns into rejection. And who's better at rejecting you than you? That's why it's important to...

Hard Knock 5. "Remember." (courtesy of Mufasa from The Lion King) - The desire to write started from somewhere raw, innocent and hopeful. For me, it was a passion as a child, hidden into my adulthood, then reawakened when I had my child and lacked the ability to honestly encourage my child to go for her dreams when I hadn't done the same for myself. Passion kept me attending critique sessions with some seasoned writers, getting shredded like a worked over muscle group so that I could repair and become stronger, better, improved. Passion and the support I get from great writers buds like those in IWSG kept me going when the monster of Doubt loomed over my dream, threatening to yank my dream, rip it to shreds and toss it to the four winds with all the care of a psychopath. Passion is why I keep going, step by step, on the publishing journey that is uniquely mines...and whatever your "Remember" is should do the same for you.

We live and we make mistakes. We learn and laugh at some of the stupid-silly-what-the-heck-was-I-thinking-moments. And we publish.

So keep writing and bringing what's good to your soul to other souls like yours waiting to hear from you.

Here's my short bio, if needed:
Angela Brown, author of YA, NA, MG and, under the pen name Rayven Godchild, some of the hotter stuff in write-life. My blog: Angela Brown in Pursuit of Publishness