Tuesday, March 31, 2015 | By: Angela Brown

Pick Your Status

Can you imagine surviving an apocalyptic event or being born into the aftermath of an apocalyptic event? We've seen some creative movies and displays of different ELE (extinction level event) but to actually be a part of the AFTER. What a crazy thought...

Now imagine in this lawless, ruthless after-society, a new chance at civility is presented to you. You can live within the boundaries of a safer place, but you must choose to be Registered or Unregistered. Whichever status you choose, you must work to make your way. There are pros and cons to each. You can find out more at Cathrina Constantine's blog where she's hosting a Pick Your Status post.

Please visit her blog to make your status known. While there, you can make sure to enter the giveaway. Take a piece of beautiful day with you :-)

credit to Thinkstock.com... And yes, I wish I were here lol!!!


Misha Gericke said...

Heading over. :-)

Seo sunda said...

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