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A BEACON Sale and Instagram

Like Facebook, I am coming to the Instagram party a bit late. If you happen to be on Instagram, I'm @tomewriter. I'm a newbie but so far, it's fun.
Let's have cookies!
Beacon is deeply discounted to 99cents for a limited time for Kindle. Click here to grab your copy today.

What are some other interesting social media outlets you like to use beyond Facebook, Twitter or Instagram?
Wednesday, July 22, 2015 | By: Angela Brown

Loving the Spotlight: BLACK MAGIC & MOJITOS

Author A. A. Chamberlynn is ready to bring it!

BLACK MAGIC & MOJITOS is ready for pre-order for 99cents on Amazon. It'll drop to your kindle or kindle app on August 7th. Click HERE to pre-order.

Zyan Star’s latest job is turning into a real nightmare.

When supernatural bounty hunter Zyan Star jets down to Rio to meet a prospective client, everything goes as planned initially. That is, until she finds out the person hiring her is Raoul Cabrera, the half demon/half faery supernatural overlord of Brazil, who rubs elbows with Lucifer himself. And that he’s hired another bounty hunter, Donovan McGregor, to work with her.

Their target is a herd of Nightmares, horse spirits that torment people with visions of their worst fears before devouring their flesh. Zy and Donovan head out on the hunt, but it quickly becomes apparent that their client hasn’t given them all the facts. There’s a pissed-off, powerful witch summoning the Nightmares, and she’s out to exact some serious revenge on Raoul. Zy soon realizes she’s caught in the middle of a lover’s spat between two immensely powerful supernaturals, and it’s not clear whose side she should stand on. As if that weren’t enough, pulling off this job is going to require her to relive her worst fears and summon her own long-suppressed magical powers.

Let the supernatural Carnival begin.

About A. A. Chamberlynn
A.A. Chamberlynn lives in Florida. When she's not writing or reading, she can be found playing with horses, drinking wine, traveling to the next place on her global wish list, or maybe doing yoga.
Friday, July 17, 2015 | By: Angela Brown

Plotser to Full Plotter Alert

I'm usually a plotser.

Give me a blank page and my struggle isn't getting the words on the paper but combing through the chaos of ideas, characters screaming for their stories to be told, yada, yada, yada. I get started, sketch out a skeleton of getting from point A to point The End and off I go to the races.
Credit to
This year hasn't been so lucky. So I'm giving detailed plotting a try. Who knows, maybe this could be the start of something fantastic?

What are your favorite plotting/outlining techniques? Do you use software or an app?
Wednesday, July 15, 2015 | By: Angela Brown

One Word Wednesday Turned Caption Wednesday

Credit to
On One Word Wednesday, I share a pic and you comment with the one word that comes to mind. Sometimes, you can't help needing more than one let's go with a caption. Here's mine:
"Hey, I swear I peed out here. Can I come inside now?"
What's your caption?
Monday, July 13, 2015 | By: Angela Brown

I Can Only Imagine - Diversity

Credit to Corona Zchusschen, illustrator
Growing up, I read plenty of stories of elves, dwarves, magic and more. I didn't toss the stories aside because none of the characters resembled me. Actually, I just didn't think people of color had any foothold in any fiction that was science-y or phantasmic. Then I discovered Octavia Butler and Tanaverie Due and others who wrote science fiction/fantasy with characters that, surprisingly, looked like did the authors.

Okay, so it shouldn't have been a surprise, but any person who takes a look at what is commercially successful in the publishing industry has to choose to ignore the diversity-less-ness that is there.

I've seen various Facebook memes and Twitter hashtags pointing out the need for diversity in publishing when it comes to characters of color as well as promoting authors of color (I would think this goes for LGBT as well). I participated in a bloghop a while back surrounding this theme. I believe people are hearing the message, but I guess the real questions are: What are the results? Does it matter? How do you go about encouraging diversity when what sells and is making the money isn't usally heavy on the diversity?

You see that inked girl above? Her story didn't come about because the author sat down and actively wrote a story with a woman of color as the MC (main character). The author was inspired by a song. The characters formed of their own accord: black heroine and asian hero, both damaged by parents when all they wanted was love. It's an action story with paranormal elements and the hope for love woven throughout. It happens to have a diverse cast of players.

I can only imagine the diversity of the characters having a chance to take second or third place in the "noticed an interesting thing" category as diversity becomes the norm instead of the exception.

I can only imagine how many people recognize the above character and/or the book she comes from (as a hint, the book title is somewhere on this blog page lol!) Do you?
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Wednesday, July 8, 2015 | By: Angela Brown


I'm somewhere around.

I may be lured away from the writing cave by bacon and wine.

Lots of both lol!

What's the haps in your reading/writing? Any new works-in-progress or a new book to share?
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Get a Hold of Clay Cross

Mike Keyton is a writer with a mind that is always worth picking and a style that piques my interest. Get to know him a little better at Record of a Baffled Spirit, his blog.

For now, here's a little highlight of his novel Clay Cross
About Clay Cross
James Finn finds himself trapped in the persona of Clay Cross, a 1950s cold war warrior and misogynist private eye, a composite of every pulp novel he’s ever read. Out of his time, and ignorant of political correctness, Clay Cross blunders and offends in equal measure, and at the same time explores gender in unexpected ways.

Where you can find this witty work of word art:
Amazon UK
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IWSG - Take Two Steps

It's the first day of the month and it's Insecure Writer's Support Group day. Click here for the deets and to visit others sharing in this monthly anticipated day.

Take Two Steps -
This is been the way I've refrained from disappearing from the writing world altogether.

Take Two Steps -
This has been the encouraging mantra I tell myself to focus on my writing passion even when I have to step away from the writing to deal with life.

Take Two Steps -
This has been how any progress made so far has occurred at all.

I'm almost done with one of my first drafts that I started this year. That's my two steps for the time being, a bit off when I consider...
 - By this time in 2012, I was prepraring to publish my finished Neverlove and debut as a YA author.
 - By this time in 2013 I was done with 4 different novels and novellas, had one novella published and preparing to publish the next 2 works.
 - By this time in 2014, I'd written and published 4 short stories, had another novel length MS complete, and was prepping to re-release another novel.

Take Two Steps - and like Dory says in Finding Nemo, "Just keep swimming."

What's your Take Two Steps?