Monday, May 30, 2016 | By: Angela Brown

In Remembrance...

On this day, I offer my heartfelt thanks to the soldiers and their families who made the ultimate sacrifice in service to our country.

God bless you...

God bless you ALL.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016 | By: Angela Brown

IWSG and Weird Places

It's the first Wednesday of the month and time for IWSG. Go here to check out the deets and visit with other writers that may have some good news to report or maybe provide encouragement for a down time they're experiencing.

As for me, I'm in a weird place. I have the words that want to be written, more than one series to finish, especially the one my daughter has come to love, and yet, my desire is hampered.

By what?

I'm of too many mind(s) to decipher. I can't even blame procrastination. I'm not trying to put off the writing. I just...can't.

Has anyone experienced this before? If you have, what did you do to get beyond the hindrance?

For the moment, I have my Chipmunk and Molly to love and hug so I'm not in a bad place...just a weird place.
Me and my Chipmunk, courtesy of Jamie Ferrell Photography