Friday, June 17, 2016

A Happy Holiday

Father's Day was celebrated a little differently when I was growing up. My brother and sister and I were raised by a single mom who worked hard to take care of us. So we celebrated her on Mother's day and on Father's day. As far as we were concerned, she was doing double duty and deserved the holiday thanks.

So to all the single parents doing double duty and to the fathers, uncles, granddads, and papas out there, I wish you a

Happy Father's Day!

Enjoy the virtual dessert :-)


  1. That's a great tradition, Angela. Enjoy your special day!

  2. She did deserve both days - good for you guys!

  3. Absolutely! Mom raised you right. You were good kids.

  4. Beautiful, your mother has some great kids!

  5. Hey Angela,

    What an awesome tradition. Wish I'd thought of that because then I could of persuaded my son to wish me a happy Mother's and Father's Day, what with me being a single dad! :)

    I shall now stuff myself with that virtual dessert!


  6. That must have meant so much to your mom that you had that tradition. What a beautiful idea.


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