Wednesday, January 4, 2017 | By: Angela Brown

First IWSG of 2017

It's the first Wednesday of January, which means it's IWSG posting and sharing time. It's also the first IWSG of 2017. To get all the details and for the list of other blogs to visit and comment, click here.

With 2016 gone and 2017 here, reflecting on the past is on my brain. My thoughts have taken me back many years to a night when I was a 19 year old college student. That evening was ripe, I was stoked to dress for dancing and visit a couple of clubs with friends.

But such was not meant to be.

That night brought the beginning of a pain that, unfortunately, doesn't show signs of ever leaving, rather ebbing and flowing with my emotions. It could be described with all manner of words, but not exactly captured, no matter the wordsmith phrasing. And it was a screeching hard stop to my life as I knew it.

Since that night, I've learned to start life over. I've had to do it a few times, such as when my marriage fairy tale crash landed in reality and I became a divorced, single mom.

Seems there is a need to begin again, only this time, regarding my writing.

I'm a little scared.


A lot scared.

It would be so easy to let go of this writing thing, to enjoy having published myself and being published by a few small publishers...

To just -


But the ideas won't stop coming. The characters won't stop speaking. And, well, I love this. Even though I suck at marketing and selling books, I'm a story teller. So here I go, beginning again.

If your writing world is doing great, I pray 2017 continues to bring you good things and prosperity.

If you're anything like me and your writing world more closely resembles a beautiful catastrophe, know you are not alone. I recommend seeing the movie Sing. Seriously. It's a cartoon movie but believe me when I say it has a heart-touching message, quite a few, actually.

I've got a lot of work ahead of me for 2017, but what about you? What are your hopes for 2017? Are you struggling with something? Feel free to use the comments section to vent a little. We all need to get things off of our chests sometimes.