Wednesday, June 7, 2017 | By: Angela Brown

IWSG and the Writing Voodoo

First Wednesday of the month means it's time to post for IWSG. We can share in some good news, support each other in the less than happy news, and just be there for each other. Click here to visit other blogs.

If I don't post at any other time in the month, I post on this day. It's like even while life is crazy demanding, I'm drawn to my blog by a need to be a part of this - this something greater than me. In a way, that's part of my answer to this month's question:

Did you ever say “I quit”? If so, what happened to make you come back to writing?

I said "I quit" twice.

The first time was after I'd written my first novel length story. It wasn't until after I finished the story that I noticed a lightness to my bearing. So many of the negative emotions I'd held onto behind breaking up with my fiance, losing my mother, and making a series of stupid decisions had drifted away during the writing process. It had been my own therapy. I thought the story was the best next thing since sliced bread until I submitted it to a contest (no revisions, no beta readers, no nothing lol!!) and had that bad boy red-lined so horribly that ink dripped from the paper. I was in my early twenties then and turned my focus back to what I thought real people had to do to make a living...and got a job.

The second time was after I self-published my first story under my pen name. This time, I'd gone through the process of doing revisions and had a second set of eyes on it, but this was before I'd learned about the ebook hitting the scene and around the same time of my divorce. I was focused on just trying to make it as a newly single parent.

I can't help wondering if this writing thing has cast some kind of voodoo over me, because in 2012 I self-published again and went on a rampant streak publishing other titles under my name and my pen name for a little while. Seems like a Ground Hog's Day version of me being a moth, writing the flame, and I'm lured to its fire on repeat. Even now, while I'm dealing with some things and only writing sporadically, my stories hover in my mind, waiting patiently for me. And this time, I have no desire or intentions of quitting.

So what about you? What's your answer to today's IWSG question?