Wednesday, May 15, 2019 | By: Angela Brown

Now Book Spotlight: BLAnd, by Michael Stephenson

A friend of mine recommended I watch the movie Get Out, written and directed by Jordan Peele. Because the trailer for the movie was a bit haunting, I hesitated. But I'm glad I finally did. While not as horrifying as I thought it would be, the level of suspense had me reeling from beginning to end. Today's book spotlight is one you may enjoy if you enjoyed Get Out.

About BLAnd
To become what you dream to be, the old you must DIE!

Getting ahead takes sacrifice, commitment, and the ability to “integrate” into the company culture while abandoning your own culture. Alaminti Dranas has heard it all from her boss before. As one of only two black women in her office, even she’s starting to believe the one idea she has resisted.

That idea?

That the odds are stacked against blacks and other minorities, black women especially. This is no more evident to her than when the newest hire gets what should have been Alaminti’s promotion. Just over ten years of dutiful service ignored for flimsy reasons. She’s grown tired of that narrative. But work is currently the most important thing in her life. There has to be a way to get ahead. Indeed, there is.

Things start to change when she is invited to join a mysterious group that promises untold success. “We make dreams come true.” All Alaminti has to do is make it through an extended initiation process that far exceeds the bounds of normal. In fact, what they want her to do is outrageous, unsafe, maybe even deadly. But with her life both at home and at work stagnant, she gives in to quiet desperation. Little does she know how much things will change, how much she will change, how much she will lose. For only after the process begins do her nightmares start, her sanity falters, the “beasts” come, and she grows obsessed with asking her mirror one question:

What am I becoming?

BLAnd will be available May 22nd. Click here to pre-order from Amazon.

Author bio (Author page)
Michael enjoys writing in every genre and platform. Covering a wide range of subjects, ethnicities, socio-economic classes, and ideals, his writing runs the gambit from silly and light-hearted to thought-provoking and sensual to horrifying and captivating. Offering everything from sci-fi to romance, he wishes to supply the reader with an indelible experience. 

Privately, he seeks to accomplish great things with his writing in both popular culture as well as more niche genres. He hopes to soon write for film again, as he had briefly before, and aspires to write the screenplay for the film adaptation of Captain Planet as he loves the environment. 

He tends to dislike taking pictures but enjoys TV and film just as much as books. He can be found on Goodreads. He also runs a Goodreads group entitled: Shows similar to Breaking Bad, Scandal and other Popular shows.


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It does sound intense. Like she made a deal with the devil.

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