Friday, October 28, 2011 | By: Angela Brown

Where do Writers Rule?

Everywhere!  Of course.  Didn't you know that?
Far beyond our little ball of revolving rock called Earth, there just may be some alien writers whose great works of alien scrawling will make it to Earth of 2060 and be considered all the rage here but very old and classic in their home world.

Suffice it to say I'm glad and feeling the love with some great things happening this week for some writers I adore, follow or just outright enjoy.

Maria Zannini has Chain of Souls, indie published and yes, I have mine so it's time to get yours.  What are you waiting for?  Mike at Record of a baffled spirit did a clever plug for her story.  Check it out here.

Leigh Fallon, author of Carrier of the Mark, mentioned her Ireland and Australia release this week.  It's already available here in the US.  I've heard great things about this YA novel so it is definitely a must-get-soon.

Elana Johnson, author of the popular YA dystopian novel, Possession, revealed her cover for her second novel Surrender.

I met blogger, LadyJai, as part of this year's Writers Platform Building Campaign.  She announced her first publishing offer for flash fiction.  This story is even more potent because her triumph was over the self doubt and fear we all encounter when we put ourselves out there for consideration by some stranger to like, love or dislike something we slaved over.  Check her post here as she puts it better than I ever could.  Congrats to you!  I'm so excited and I can't wait to hear of more on the publishing front.

I also want to share about a blog that I came across because of a blogfest or because it was a link someone else recommended.  Anywho, it's SUCH a beautiful blog maintained by Olga.  She is an artiste.  A very talented one at that.  I can stop by her blog two or three times a day just to get a "revival" of the senses.  She has the most wonderful pictures that tell their own tales and countless secrets within each frame.

With the end of week wrap up, anything you'd like to mention that isn't listed here that would be great for other visitors to know about as well?  I know my post only scratched the surface of great things that happened this week so feel free to comment and share the wonderful news.


Lydia Kang said...

Thanks for all the links! Lady Jai and Olga are wonderful, aren't they?

Anonymous said...

Great linkage Angela :) and an awesome way to wrap up the week. Kudos.

Angela Brown said...

@ Lydia - Yes, they are both very awesome indeed.

@ Raelyn - Thanks. I'm just on cloud nine with all the great news from writers all around.

Cate Masters said...

Wow, Olga's site's wonderful. Off to check out the others. Happy weekend!

Angela Brown said...

I agree, Cate, Olga's site is breath-taking. You have a wonderful weekend as well.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

It has been an awesome week! Finding out my book was in Amazon's Top Ten just rocked my world.

Angela Brown said...

YAY! Alex, such wonderful news. Shout this from the rooftops.

"Top of the world, Ma!"

Donna K. Weaver said...

Elana's cover is awesome and fits well with the Possession cover.

Angela Brown said...

It is great, Donna. My comment when I saw it was quite emotional. I apologized but she was sweet enough to tell me the apology wasn't necessary.

E.R. King said...

Look at all this great stuff! It's so great to see writers out and about, making their mark and leaving trails. Good for you for promoting them!

Tara Tyler said...

you're a great supporter!
glad we're on the same team =)
have a nice wknd!

Angela Brown said...

Oh E.R. I love it. Writers are so awesome. Artists, to me, are just the most interesting and ecclectic people, whether it's music, movies, writing or painting. Can't help but show the love.

You know, Tara, I don't think I'd do well as one of those "It's only about me" kind of people. I get so much joy in seeing others work hard and triumph over obstacles. You have a great weekend as well.

M Pax said...

Congrats to Maria, Leigh and Elana. I had the pleasure of bumping into Maria and getting to know her better this week -- in cyberland. :)

Maria Zannini said...

Mike Keyton never fails to entertain me with his very British humor.

He's probably on vacation again, da bum. But I can't wait to tell him how we talked about him behind his back. :P

Thanks for the lovely shout-outs, Angela.

Clarissa Draper said...

You're so awesome! To spotlight bloggers and their work, what a great idea!

Angela Brown said...

M Pax - isn't Maria just the bees knees?

Maria - I loved Mike's plug. When you mentioned it on your blog I had to check it out. After reading it, I am a new follower. Yeah, wait'll he gets a load of all our trash talk. Oh and...what's this word 'vacation'?

I love spotlighting things that excite me, Clarissa. Success stories of friends and other writers should be shouted from the rooftops. I'm a bit too clumsy for that so I'll stick with shouting out loud in cyberland.

Angela Orlowski-Peart said...

Thank you for sharing these awesome links. I need to check all of them out!

Congratulations to Maria, Leigh and Elana.

Angela Brown said...

My pleasure, Angela. :-)

Talli Roland said...

Fantastic round up! I do love Olga's photos, too.

Nadja Notariani said...

That's what I love about blogging in the writing community! I've discovered links here at your blog that I'd have missed otherwise - and I've featured a few at my blog that I felt were worth a peek-see.

I cannot wait to see more from Olga. Just lovely.

So...a fellow author and I are organizing a '12 Days Of Christmas Reading Gift List'. We're looking for authors/books to feature and for bloggers willing to post the list and keep it on their sidebar during the month of December. Drop me an email if you'd like to recommend a book/author or if you'd be interested in reposting. Right now, we're seeing what sort of interest level is out there among the community.

Angela Brown said...

@ Talli - Here, Here. Olga has such a wonderful eye for beauty.

@ Nadja - Count me in.

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