Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Feeling Insecure? There ARE Some Remedies

Yes!  Yes!  Yes!  My Monday post is pulling double-duty.  You know you love it :-)  It was a great "fear" truth for Halloween (yes, I said truth because that really is how I feel sometimes).  Today, I've joined with the Insecure Writer's Support Group to bring it again for good measure: Fright from Within (cue spooky music)

Here are the first couple of lines from it so you see what goes bump in my mind:

"Who do you think you are?" an owl hoots.
"No one cares about what you write, what you say or what's on your mind.  Why bother blogging or wasting your time with that stupid writing?" shrieks a banshee.

Yeah.  Not cool.  Not in the least.  But I don't dive into a tale of woe only to keep you there.  Read the blog post to see what I mean.  Check out the comments as well.  Others gave their truly-wanted-by-me remedies for dealing with the insecurity self-doubt imposes.

I also want to showcase someone following the "take the damn bull by the horns" remedy.  Meet, if you haven't already had the pleasure, Nadja Notariani.  She is a ROW80 member and I fell in love with her Djinn story for the Rule of 3 blogfest.  I've been a regular follower of hers for a while and can attest that she's a great blogger.  Add her self-published credentials and you've got yourself a femme fatale eager to claim more victims readers with her novel Claiming the Prize.
Hurry and purchase your own ebook at Amazon  or Smashwords!

Here's a description from Amazon:   Walking a solitary, disciplined path in his pursuit to become the light heavyweight champion of the American-Mixed-Martial-Arts-Organization, Drago Zadrovec leaves the security of his homeland to train in the United States.  But once within the exclusive MMA organization, Drago finds himself increasingly drawn to his mentor's daughter, Grace Antolini.  Quiet and gentle, yet thoroughly immersed in the world in which he exists, Grace captures his heart as firmly as his quest for the title, igniting a long buried passion inside the fighter.  Subjecting his body to the brutality of the cage and opening his heart to the woman he desires to share his life with, Drago comes to understand that his journey is comprised of more than want of victory in the ultimate goal of Claiming The Prize.....

Yes people. Love the premise, and she's not stopping there.  Visit this blog post and scroll down to her 12 Days of Christmas idea.  If you'd like to participate, she'd love for you to contact her.

Nadja has jumped into the fray, dealing with her insecurities by wrangling the bull.  What is one way you deal with the fiends that go bump in your mind?


  1. Glad to see you linked this post up, Angela! It's perfect for the Insecure Writer's Group!

    I cannot thank you enough for the shout out - and the 12 Days mention! Best of luck with your NaNo word count today! (Hurry...I'm ready to be featuring Publishness ~ Angela Brown's Title Here...:)

  2. Thank you so much Nadja. It's my pleasure. And big hugs for all your support and encouragement.

  3. That is indeed a great premise. Good luck to Nadja! As for fiends... hm, I try to just ignore them.

  4. Keep ignoring those dastardly things, Talli :-)

  5. Sounds interesting! I love the 'take the bull by the horn approach' best way to get things done! :)

  6. Thanks for being a source of support and encouragement for writers! I bookmarked your fear post so next time doubt creeps up, I can banish him!

  7. @ J.A. - I applaud Nadja for her courage.

    @ Brianna - Thanks and I'm so glad to help in any way possible. Vanquish those baddies whenever they try to show up on your turf!

  8. self doubt is a negative seed planted by a respected someone.

    "the bad stuff is easier to believe," pretty woman

  9. The inner critic can be a real witch sometimes. Exorcise her! :)

  10. Great post. We can't let fear win!

  11. Enjoyed the post, Angela! I've also signed myself up for the Insecure Writer's group. :)) Thanks for your support!

    Ready for this? I'm grabbing that bull as well. I signed up for WNFIN last night. I've vowed to write my non-fiction rose book in the 30 days of November!!! As a Christmas gift / birthday gift, my girls and hubby are paying to have it professionally edited, and then we're self-pubbing the baby!!!


    I'll show her. Tell me I won't ever amount to anything...:))

  12. Nadja is a good inspiration. I just took a gander at her blog and I can see why you like her. Thanks for introducing her to us!

  13. @ Tara - That is so true and it makes me shake my head

    @ Cate - Searching for a literary priest right now :-)

    @ Isis - No, we can't. This is our war to win!

    @ Candy - AWESOME!!! YAY Candy. Such wonderful news. And yes, you show that #&$%&*#&^ who's boss because you CAN make it happen

    @ E.R. - My pleasure. Nadja's such a great person.

  14. Hi Angela. I found your blog at the Insecure Writers Group. I just joined a few minutes ago. Great blog and thanks for sharing.

  15. New follower here! I'm such an insecure freak! Thanks for this post, I loved it!

  16. Wrangling the bull takes a lot of courage. All success to Nadja!

  17. I think everyone gets insecure sometimes, Angela. It's good that you can look it in the face...and then shoot it in the face! Go nanoers!

  18. Sometimes when I'm feeling really frustrated, I visit a bookstore and dream.

  19. Dealing with bumps in the night? Ninja sword!

  20. @ Maggie - Thanks so much for coming by. I truly appreciate it.

    @ Jamie - Thanks so much. It can be pretty helpful knowing that you're not alone in dealing with insecurities.

    @ M Pax - Yeah, so about wrangling those bulls. I'm working up the nerve to do that myself :-)

    @ Barbara - Can't let insecurities keep a good writer down. WooHoo for NaNoers!!

    @ Susan - Now that is a good idea. The B&N I like to visit has a Starbucks inside so I can stay there for quite some time dreaming.

    @ Alex - I'll get my katana!

  21. Hi, I just stopped by for the IWSG, but I have not had a chance to post mine. I have not been around much since I decided at the last minute to participate in NaNo, but I just wanted to stop by and say hello and thank you for following my blog. I will be around more after a get a better grip on my writing for NaNo.

  22. Glad to have you stop by, Melissa. I hear you in having to get a handle on NaNoing. :-)


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