Friday, December 9, 2011 | By: Angela Brown

What does Friday REALLY Mean?

It's often quoted, though not sure who to credit, that "All good things come to an end."
For some things, I hang my head and wish it wasn't so.
Star Trek The Next Generation photo credit
HA!  Thank you reruns, dvds and other sorts of recorders so I can travel back to some simpler things.

But there are some things that, when they end, are just the beginning.

Hence, Fridays.

Hello, lover - I mean - weekend.
TGIF Kiss for you!


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

And NetFlix!

Nadja Notariani said...

Ha! Great. I like your new look, Angela. Smart.

Hope you have a great weekend. You're all added into the 12 Days list! Thanks so much.

Angela Cothran said...

Is that kiss for me or Friday? Have a great weekend :)

Angela Brown said...

Alex - Yes. Netflix gives me a chance to do marathons. YAY!!

Nadja - Thank you. Tara Tyler suggested one improvement but it got me excited enough to brighten things a bit with some nice blues...including my pic :-)

Angela - It's a kiss for Friday and anyone who can stand a big MUAH to their cheek to start their weekend fun with a blast!!

LD Masterson said...

Yes, Netflix. Where all good thins return again.

Have a great weekend.

Doreen said...

Have a positively powerful weekend Angela! Wish me luck as I leave my cave and go out to meet real people:)

Angela Brown said...

LD - You do the same.

Doreen - I wish you all the luck you hands and heart can hold. And fun...don't forget fun :-)

Anonymous said...

Love the new profile pic! TGIF Angela :)

DL Hammons said...

We're talking about a big ole French kiss!!!!!! :)

Enjoy yours!

CNHolmberg said...

I like you so much more now.

/born-and-raised Trekkie

Susanna Leonard Hill said...

Enjoy your Friday and have a great weekend :)

Angela Brown said...

Raelyn - Thanks sweetie. Firgured I'd try a new pic with the new look :-)

DL - LOL! Well alrighty then.

CN - Trekkies unite!!!! Rock on.

Susanna - Thank you much. I'll do my best to enjoy the weekend. You do the same.

Krispy said...

Also, when shows end, it gives you the opportunity to watch OTHER awesome shows. :D Have a great weekend!

Angela Brown said...

Very true, Krispy. Very true.

Shelley Munro said...

I like the new look too. Have an awesome weekend, Angela :)

Dianne K. Salerni said...

So true, Angela! Thank heavens for Netflix streaming so that some things don't ever have to end!

Friday's gone, I'm afraid. But Happy Saturday!

Angela Brown said...

Shelley - Thank you. Have a fun-filled weekend too :-)

Dianne - Big Hugs to Saturday! YAY for the weekend.

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