Saturday, December 1, 2012

An Online Author Signing Party for the Holidays :-)

Today's gift idea is one from a special event that I'm taking part in, an online author signing party. For a limited time, the first two weeks of December,  you'll be able to order signed books from these fabulous authors: Christine Fonseca, Ali CrossHeather McCorkle. and myself :-)

As a holiday gift to you, I'm offering signed paperbacks of Neverlove. You can purchase individually but there is a special price when you order three.

Duty or Love? There can be only one.
Payments are secure through Paypal. Offer available to US residents only (I'm sorry my international buds. It's the only way I could work to keep the additional shipping fee at a base of $2.50 USD)

Signed Paperback of Neverlove
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  1. That's really cool what you're offering. I hope you do well with it.

    1. It's a new thing for me. We'll see how it goes :-)

  2. Hmm... I may have to point my mother in this direction since she's working on buying Christmas presents. ;)

  3. It's going on my list for a few people!

  4. This is perfect. Have to tell the fam what to get me. :)

  5. You're a born again entrepeneur, Angela. Enterprise and savvy. I like it : )

  6. I'm definitely going to order my copy soon!

  7. Very cool idea! Hope you sell lots as Christmas gifts!

  8. Great idea, I've seen Neverlove popping up around the blogasphere - well done.


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