Thursday, October 31, 2013

Eek! Creepy! Spooky and More for Happy Halloween

Now this little darling is just too cute :-)

Yep, it's that day. Happy Halloween!
And on this day, kiddos will be trick or treating (fewer tricks the better). Candy will be shoveled out by the bucket loads and dentists just may be smiling a little - or not :-)

I want to thank all the those who participated. Your posts were unique, fun, interesting, intriguing and enlightening. I enjoyed them all. Now to the winners:

Participant winner: Michael Di Gesu (winner of Neverlove and They All Fall Down ebooks)
Commentor winner: Candilynn Fite (winner of Neverlove and They All Fall Down mouse pad)
please contact me at tomewriter @ gmail dot com so I can make sure you receive your prizes promptly.

Don't forget to visit these blogs where Neverlove and/or They All Fall Down will be making appearances. Here are today's stops:

-My Beautiful NiteMare
-Hot Off the Shelves
-Pete de violet
-Mean Girls Luv Books
-Romance Novels in Color


  1. Congratulations to Michael and Candilynn!
    That pup looks sad in his hat.

  2. Yay for Michael and Candilynn!

  3. Congrats to Michael & Candilynn!
    There were lots of great entries!

  4. Congrats Michael and Candilynn! Happy Halloween to all! :)

  5. Happy Halloween, and congrats to Michael and Candilynn!

  6. What a cute picture! Congrats to Candilynn and Michael, and Happy Halloween to you, Angela! :)

  7. Congratulations to the winners AND on your awesome new release, Angela!

  8. Hey Angela....

    Thanks so much! So cool! Congrats to Candilynn too!!!!


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