Tuesday, November 12, 2013 | By: Angela Brown

A Double Dose of Masquerade Huzzah!

Welcome to the second day of the Realms Faire & Joust organized by the fair Lady MPax of realms near and far away.

Jousting! I, Ghost Knight, prithee visit Lady MPax's blog to cheer the jousters. Here are a few cheers to share:

Ghost Knight rideth upon her trusty steed, Atone, bearing a heart full of neverlove but a mind set for victory.
Knowing neverlove shall not keep thee, Ghost Knight, come bearing full strength to the fight upon her trusty steed, Atone.

And we're back to the Masquerade Parade!
 - "mystery authors" showcase their skills with a snippet of a masquerade moment
 - commenters can guess "who" the parading author is
 - a winner will be randomly plucked from the pool of correct guessers
 - prizes vary by the author so make sure to stop by each day to try for a prize :-)
 - to assist in the guessing, participating authors are listed here...but don't think you can win by process of elimination since "phantom names" will be mixed in with the real entrants :-)

On to the Masquerade Parade!
Credit to gajman @ flickr.com
***Here's our second parader***
Credit to gnuckx @ flickr.com
Indigo stood, feeling slightly awkward in her finery. She adjusted her mask. Sighing, she opened her dance card again, unable to help the smile each time she noted Badger’s name scrawled next to every dance. Sure, it served a purpose. It wasn’t for real. Still, they’d manage at least a few dances before…

She glanced up and spotted him across the room, watching as he searched for her. Even with a mask, his form was recognizable in black tail coat and trousers, a white bow tie completing the ensemble. It didn’t take long for him to recognize her in an off-the-shoulder lavender dress, her pale skin and inky black hair unmistakable.

They weaved toward each other across the dance floor as A Thousand Years by Christina Perri filtered into the ballroom. They didn’t speak. He bowed slightly and offered his hand, palm up. She placed her hand in his, smiling shyly.

They circled the floor, his hand warm on her waist. It felt right. Gazing up at him, her hands around his neck itched to bring his face, his lips, close to hers. She looked quickly away, glad he couldn’t read her thoughts. It would never do, Indigo Eady. Nope, never. She would do well to remember why they were there. She scanned the room. Couples danced around them, masks firmly in place, the room crowded with ghosts as well as the living. How would they ever find the murderer here?

This author's prize is an ebook of one of their novels and a $5 Amazon gift card.

In the comments, please mark your answer: second parader - your guess here

***Here's our third parader***
Credit to john-morgan @ flickr.com
The ballroom is only in my dreams. We're camped not far from the MeadowsBlade homestead. Not far enough away. I want to be in Aquilla Realm now… but for now my dreams suffice.

The room is white marble, bright and splendid under magical lights. The dance floor is surrounded by tables and those are full of decorative plates of food. It looks too good to eat, but I don't care. I'm dancing. I ignore the fact that my dream self is wearing a dress and enjoy the beats of the music that course over the marble and up through my body.

A man, his deep blue eyes alive with mischief, crosses the floor towards me. Even wearing a silver masquerade mask I know who it is. I move towards him. The dancers seem to part and the whole ballroom narrows to exist only around me and my soul mate. He hesitates, and I turn around to seek out what has caught his attention. Another man stalks across the marble floor. He's smiling, but his almost black eyes, shadowed behind a black feathered mask, betray another emotion.

I'm frozen between the two of them. Wanting to run to them both at the same time. Their hands pull back to grip their sword hilts.

This is not what's supposed to happen. This is not why I came here.

How am I going to stop them from killing each other? How can I choose to have both of them?

This author's prize is a signed paperback copy of their novel.

In the comments, please mark your answer: third parader - your guess here

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M Pax said...

I only knoweth this one by the name of the character, but will keep quiet. :D Nice scene. Well played!

Christine Rains said...

Great scenes today! I know the first one for certain. Just finished reading her newest book on the weekend. ;) Hmm, the second person is.... Elizabeth Seckman?

Gwen Gardner said...

For the 2nd one, I'm guessing Ellie Garratt :)

Crystal Collier said...

Oh my, those are some crazy contenders. How is a body supposed to choose one?

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, is the first one Gwen Gardner... and the second one... however shall I guess???

Anonymous said...

Ah, I doth knoweth the second parader well! Thou art thy fair Gwen Gardner who speaketh of Indigo and her paranormal escapades:) The third parader I don't knoweth, but they speaketh well...hmmm...Beth Hobbs?

J.L. Campbell said...

Hey, Angela,
The second parader is Gwen and at a guess, I'd say the third is Miss Hobbs.

Angela Brown said...

Thank you for participating. Unfortunately, comments beyond this note will not be considered for the prize. Good luck guessers!

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