Thursday, November 14, 2013 | By: Angela Brown

For the Love of Masquerades (x2)

Welcome to the fourth day of the Realms Faire & Joust organized by the fair Lady MPax of realms near and far away.

Jousting! I, Ghost Knight, prithee visit Lady MPax's blog to cheer the jousters. Here are a few cheers to share:

Ghost Knight and her trusty steed, Atone, come forth from the fog leaving neverlove in the past and victory to bear.
Atone whinnies into the charge with Ghost Knight in perfect form to win against the stain of neverlove.

And we're back to the Masquerade Parade!
 - "mystery authors" showcase their skills with a snippet of a masquerade moment
 - commenters can guess "who" the parading author is
 - a winner will be randomly plucked from the pool of correct guessers
 - prizes vary by the author so make sure to stop by each day to try for a prize :-)
 - to assist in the guessing, participating authors are listed here...but don't think you can win by process of elimination since "phantom names" will be mixed in with the real entrants :-)

On to the Masquerade Parade!
Credit to gajman @
***Here's our fifth parader***
Credit to gnuckx @
I don’t usually do balls, especially not the masquerade kind. It’s not that I have anything against them, I mean I’m all about romance, making wishes, and believing in them. The simple truth is, I’m just not one for a fuss. I feel more comfortable hanging with the peasants than partying with the rich folk. Even when it’s the handsome Coulter men insisting I attend their little shindig. I know, deep in my hillbilly heart, they are just being polite inviting me to their party. They know they owe me for their happily-ever-afters and their thanks are long past due. But, even though I don’t like to dress up and I’m still in the midst of healing from summering, I will go. I never question what fate intends, so before I lose my nerve, I will grab me a gown…I think I shall choose pink…and gather my unruly hair on top of my head. Lastly, I’ll grab my mask. I might be attending the party, but no one need know it’s me.

The prize offered by this author is a $10 Amazon gift card.

***Here's our sixth parader***
Credit to gnuckx @
Well, what did he say?” Marcia asked, fiddling with her mask, which was identical to Michelle’s.

“He, uh, didn’t say yes or no.”

Shoulders slumped, Marcia scanned the room. Their co-workers swarmed by the bar. Others clustered within reach of the hors d’hoeuvres. The subject of their discussion, a handsome Rastafarian, stood across the room with another man and one of their co-workers stuck to his arm.


As if he felt her watching him, Lee turned his head. His pirate costume wasn’t good enough to give him anonymity.

“What man would pass up an invitation to walk on the beach under the moonlight?”

This one, apparently, Michelle thought. This island girl would love to give him the time of day.

Marcia was staring at Lee as if he was the last piece of dark fruit cake at Christmas dinner.

The woman on his arm left his side and he looked their way. Eyeing her sister, Michelle crooked a finger at Lee and pointed to the door facing the beach.

Lee tipped his head toward the door and got moving.

Smiling, Marcia followed.

Michelle swallowed her disappointment.

What would Lee say when he realized he’d be romancing the wrong twin?

The prize offered by this author is one of their ebook of your choosing.

Now let the guessing begin :-)

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M Pax said...

Wow, wonderful ball attendees today. Makes me want to read the mystery authors' books.

Gwen Gardner said...

the 5th parade is Elizabeth Seckman - I think.

The 6th parade I'm guessing Beth Hobbs. *shrugs*

Christine Rains said...

I'm totally stumped here. What names haven't I guessed yet?!

Jason Witherspoon and Samantha Watson!

E.J. Wesley said...

These are sooo cool! And very timely--just finished a story with a VERY masquerade vibe. :)

cleemckenziebooks said...

Peasants should have a ball or two. I'll bet there would be some great games at that! Can't guess. Like Christine, I'm stumped.

Anonymous said...

After a bit of grog *which is one part water, three parts rum, minus the water* I'll wager the fifth parader is Johnny Depp and the sixth is Elizabeth...or vice versa...

Angela Brown said...

Thank you for participating. Unfortunately, comments beyond this note will not be considered for the prize. Good luck guessers!

Elizabeth Seckman said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Elizabeth Seckman said...

Thanks for allowing me to ride along in the parade. I wasn't around much, so I didn't get to be a guesser :(
That Gwen is a smart lady. And Sam is a smart one, even if she did think I might be Johnny Depp. Come on? Johnny Depp? I never wear that much make-up or jewelry! ;)

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