Tuesday, December 31, 2013 | By: Angela Brown

That's a Wrap 2013 :-)

2012 ended on a deflated note since the end of the world didn't happen. I must say that I'm glad there wasn't a flood of 2013 end of the world predictions. Of course there were some, but I suppose that's to be expected with every year.

2013 is ending a bit quieter for me. Unlike the end of 2012 where I was trying to find every platform possible to get people to "buy my book", I'm relaxing more, writing more and building more words. I learned more regarding the business of publishing during 2013 and the importance of having goals, whether I plastered them here on my blog or on Post It notes I keep before me.
I've prioritized a few times, rearranging things, not quite finding the right balance with work, life, my kiddo, my writing and promoting. But in the end, this is what took the highest rank:
Enjoying more moments like this :-)
Writing came in second and promoting and my paying gig/work are tied. Although, if I had to pick between the two, the paying gig wins out. I have to pay my bills somehow.

And there's been the rub...

With 2012 being the year of my big debut as a YA/NA author, 2013 was my year of so many insecurities and doubts. I had to remember the basic reasons I write, why I published and why I won't stop publishing

Where 2012 was like a break out year, 2013 was more like a break-it-in year, sort of how you have to break in that pair of new shoes that you know you won't throw away even after you can't wear them anymore because you love them.

By no means can I say 2013 was a bad year. I've gained so much in the way of new author buds, new readers, wonderful blog followers and so much more. Rayven Godchild, my erotica/erotic romance pen name, is being brought back from a very long hibernation of sorts. Plus I got to meet, IN PERSON, some wonderful folks during my visit to California (Big Hugs to Gwen and Graeme!!! Cadillac Margaritas, baby!!!) and had my first book signing. at IRC 2013.

2013...we made it.

Now on to 2014.

Are there any particular moments of 2013 that are most memorable for you?


Mike Keyton said...

Ref last year: just breathing sounded good to me. Good luck ref all you wish for next year, Angela

Maria Zannini said...

Sometimes people forget that once you break out, you have to break in, and therein lies the real job. It's not a one-off but a journey and you're well on your way.

Remember where you were six years ago and where you are now. That proves you're making great strides.

Natalie Aguirre said...

Sounds like you have your priorities straight. Family is the most important and most of us need to work to pay the bills. So glad you're able to juggle these with your dream of writing. Happy New Year!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Cadillac Margaritas? I want to hear more about that!
2013 was an odd year for me as well. Some big highlights with my book and the IWSG site, but other things felt off. 2014 can change that though.
Spend time with Chipmunk. She's worth it.
Happy New Year, Angela!

mooderino said...

I was a bit underwhelmed by 2013. Hoping for something more exciting in 2014.

Moody Writing

Tracey Joseph said...

Angela, I'm so glad I discovered your blog. You are such a positive individual. Putting yourself out there is difficult, but I feel inspired when I see writers like you doing it fearlessly. Regardless of doubts, your publishing journey has only just begun. I hope you continue to put more books out. I hope you have a wonderful New Year and 2014.

Anonymous said...

Exactly! 2014 can be a banner year.

Dianne K. Salerni said...

I think after publishing a book (self-pub, small pub, or big six pub) there's a period of let-down after the initial rush of excitement. (Unless it sky rockets to the NYT Bestseller List and stays there ... not that I would know!) The book is out. Some people are reading it. Some people write reviews; some don't. People like it or don't. It's out of your hands now! Maybe that's the part that's hard to accept. But once you know to expect that let-down and lull, it becomes part of the routine of writing, publishing, and prioritizing.

Have a fabulous 2014!

J.L. Campbell said...

If I had written up a post like this today, I'd have same some of the same things. This journey is one in which there's something new every day and another goal to be reached. Wishing you all the best for 2014.

Anonymous said...

2013 was a mixed bag for me and went out with a whimper. I'm looking forward to 2014 though.

You had a great year Angela. Wishing you an even better 2014 :)

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