Friday, February 14, 2014 | By: Angela Brown

Happy Valentine's Day - Er, A Bloody One Instead

Love is in the air...
Cupid is shooting arrows all over the place...
And blood?



Welcome My Bloody Valentine to the world. It is an anthology of short stories where all that love and Cupid's arrows seems to be all awry in chaos, bondage, mysteries, secrets, rebellion and more.
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Don't fret. There are stolen kisses...and some whips and chains. Each author provides their own flavor of bloody Valentine.

I read Charlie Holmberg's "Salt and Water". It bothered me. It touched me. It made me cry. And I didn't want it to end. I received an ARC so it had just a few minor grammar issues. But did that take away from my enjoyment of her story. Uh, NOT! Charlie, big ups. I really enjoyed your writing. Can't wait to see what more you have in store.


Anonymous said...

Ooooo, sounds good!

Charlie Holmberg said...

Thank you so much Angela! I hope those editing errors got caught in the published version D: #potentiallymortified

Angela Brown said...

It really is Catherine :-)

Angela Brown said...

They were very minor, barely noticeable, Charlie. And remember, even the final product from some best sellers have their issues :-)

Anonymous said...

Ooo, sounds like a delicious bundle. Thanks for pointing it out Angela.

Julie Flanders said...

This sounds like my kind of Valentine's bundle. :D Thanks for sharing it!

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