Thursday, October 16, 2014 | By: Angela Brown

For Life Being Good

As many of you know, the writing/blogging community lost a dear friend in Tina Downey. Although her presence is no longer active in a bodily form, her spirit, her positivity, her everything that made her Tina, still lives on in the legacy she left behind. In celebration of the beauty she shared during her life, the Tree of Life participants have released that fab, fun project out in publication.
You can buy your ebook copy here at Amazon and enjoy the story-hopping fun as each author adds their spin to the tale.

The best part is that all proceeds will benefit the Downey Education Fund set up for Tina's children. Please grab your copy and make sure to share with others.

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Tree of life, a fantastic story @ only 99cents provides a good read & your chance to pay the good forward

What can U get 4 99cents? How about an excellent read & having ALL ur proceeds paid forward for children's education.

In celebration of Tina Downey's life, Tree of Life is now available for only 99cents. Get your read on!

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Get your copy and give a copy of Tree of Life: audiomachine. For 99cents you get a fantastic story told by many talented writers the world over inspired by the epic music of audiomachine.

We're celebrating Tina Downey's life with the release of Tree of Life: audiomachine. Please join us as we share a great story while paying the good forward. For only 99cents, you get a fantastic story and know that ALL proceeds will go to the Downey Education Fund set up for Tina Downey's children.

Special note: Cover designed by the extraordinary artist and composer, Ryo Ishido.

What else can you come up wth where 99cents makes such a huge difference?


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

That was wonderful of Samantha to put the book together for her.

Tyrean Martinson said...

That is so wonderful that Samantha put the book together and that this is getting out there. Thanks, Angela!

Elizabeth Seckman said...

What a beautiful thing for Samantha to do!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the fabulous shout-out, girl! Now it's book trailer party time in the tree house!!

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