Friday, December 18, 2015 | By: Angela Brown

Happy Book Birthday, #DOBB

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It's Here!!!

Happy Book Birthday to Degrees of Being Boss written under my pen name Rayven Godchild and published by Syn Publishing!

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How's about an excerpt of intrigue to whet your appetite?

*After bringing up the main screen on Cyn’s mobile, a notification showed that there was one voicemail message ready to be listened to. She smiled, relieved. As usual, Cynthia must have realized all too late her phone hadn’t made it with her, wherever the hell she’d gone.

“What silly message did you leave this time?”

After the second time Cyn left her phone at Bailey’s house, they had exchanged phone passcodes. Bailey thought it was a best friend thing. After all, they didn’t hide anything from each other. But Cyn turned it into something fun by leaving riddles for Bailey to figure out in order to meet up and return her phone. Or just to say, “Miss you! Oh, and that stupid phone, too. I think it likes you more than me. Just give it to me at Precedent tonight.”

She entered the passcode and gasped when Britney’s voice croaked through, tear-filled and shaking with fear. “Auntie Cyn! I shouldn’t have called you. Please don’t come. Avoid Parish Hills altogether. They, they, the man—oh my God! He’s coming back. Please, I swear I don’t know! Don’t—”*

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Thank you to everyone for your support in getting to this point and going forward!!


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